Wholesale trade

Industry-specific solutions for the needs of wholesale trade.

The boundaries of retail and wholesale are blurring

The revolution in trade is changing the role of wholesale trade. Focus on key functions and efficient control are the most important assets. Global trade, changes in supply chain and digitalisation are opening new markets for the wholesale trade.


Acceleration in the supply chain

Competition for customers is forcing all trade operators to make their supply chains more efficient and to shorten delivery times. The flows of goods are increasingly thinner, more frequent and faster. At the same time, the significance of time, location and distance is being redefined. 


Digitalisation is changing operations

Traditionally, wholesale suppliers deliver goods to retail shops in large quantities in roller cages and on pallets. In the future, wholesale suppliers must be able to pick even small quantities cost-efficiently, and in addition to bulk packages they must process partial packages. The number of processed orders and lines is increasing while line-specific volumes are decreasing. The efficient management of operations, profitable service production and flexible supply chains require modern solutions.

Solteq is a leading wholesale trade expert. We are familiar with business models, processes, systems and the skills required from people. We can help with a wide range of topics – in small issues as well as in large operational renewal projects.


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