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    WooCommerce online store integrated into the POS system

    Customer service online and in store - PK-Puu relies on Solteq Tekso Cloud and the WooCommerce online store

    A PK-Puu truck loading timber at the company's warehouse in Uusikaupunki, Finland.

    PK-Puu is a traditional lumber store operating in five locations, which, in addition to brick-and-mortar stores, also operates online. The company's vision is to be nothing more and nothing less than the industry's most respected wood store and builder's partner. The company's history stretches back to the beginning of the 1990s, when Petri Kaskinen, who currently works in the company as CEO, founded a business that offers timber alongside the agricultural business. Today, the operation has expanded to cover not only wood processing and resale, but also various services for both professional builders and consumers.

    The cooperation between Solteq and PK-Puu has long roots - the company itself does not have much IT expertise, so it has been natural to work with a familiar and reliable operator. Solteq has delivered to PK-Puu, in addition to the Solteq Tekso POS system, the company's WooCommerce online store. The Tekso POS system is necessary to serve store customers. Online shopping, on the other hand, seeks business growth in the future, "a product that is not in the online store does not exist". Often, customers also get to know the store's selection beforehand online, but then come to the store to make purchases.

    A PK-Puu employee uses the Tekso Cloud POS system and uses it to fund the customer in the store.

    A seamless integration between POS and e-commerce

    PK-Puu is pleased with its choice of POS system. The company is always ready to implement the latest version of the system as soon as possible, as it offers them the best benefits of the system development. So PK-Puu was one of the first to switch to Tekso's cloud-based version, Tekso Cloud. The transition to Tekso Cloud was smooth and easy. The transition was planned to take place outside store opening hours, so as not to disrupt day-to-day operational business. Solteq has a tested process for migrations, but each migration is always finetuned for each customer. All data is always migrated from the old version to the new one, so that important information is retained even after the changeover.

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    Petri Kaskinen, CEO of PK-Puu says that the latest version of Tekso is a modern and clear-looking POS system. The system is easy to use, and it has been quick for both permanent and seasonal employees to get up to speed. Support is also provided by the comprehensive online Tekso manual. In addition, Solteq's customer support has been at a commendable level. "Help is always available," says Petri Kaskinen.

    PK-puu online store on a laptop screen.

    WooCommerce online store

    In addition to the Tekso Cloud POS system, PK-Puu also runs the business on WooCommerce online store provided by Solteq. PK-Puu is particularly satisfied with the interplay between Tekso and WooCommerce. The online store, which operates alongside the stores, enables multi-channel sales, where the brick-and-mortar store and the online store support each other. As with Tekso Cloud, the e-commerce rollout project went smoothly and cost-effectively. PK-Puu is particularly pleased with the branded look and feel of the online store and its usability. The online store allows the customer to view the stock balances of the different stores - in addition to collect and pick-up orders, this enables the customer to request a pick-up to another store if they wish. A particular target group for the collect and pick-up service are summer holidaymakers, who can order the supplies and materials they need for their cottage renovation from the online shop and pick them up from the nearest store to their summer cottage.

    ”Solteq is the right-sized, agile and stable partner for PK-Puu. We can be confident that Solteq will continue to support us and bring new ideas to the table, so that we can continue to serve our customers better in the future.”

    Petri Kaskinen, CEO, PK-Puu

    Additional services from our partners

    PK-Tree also uses Solteq's partner solutions Supermind and Zoined. Supermind has taken purchasing and inventory optimisation to a whole new level. Supermind is integrated with Tekso via the Solteq Connector integration service, so that important data is reliably transferred between Tekso and Supermind.

    The Zoined service helps retailer Petri Kaskis to analyse sales. Zoined's reporting makes it quick and easy for Petri to get an overview of in-store sales and the automated reports are easy to read, even while having his morning coffee.

    The logo of PK-Puu.


    PK-Puu is a specialist wood products shop, where builders can also find hardware products. They have everything you need for building - sawn timber, planed and moulded timber and much more for renovation and construction.

    We ensure a smooth transition to Tekso Cloud


    • Tekso Cloud can be used wherever internet access is available
    • The migration process is productised and tested - ensuring a quality roll-out of Tekso Cloud
      • Solteq has implemented several migration projects from different vendors' POS software to Solteq Tekso Cloud
    • Existing data is migrated to the new Tekso version
    • All historical data is preserved and all sales and customer reports are immediately available
      • No disruption to business as necessary changes are made outside store opening hours
    • Tekso's user interface will be clearer, but all key functions will remain the same, making it easy to use and requiring no training
    • Replacement work is always fixed-price and easy to budget for

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