In partnership with Liferay, we create powerful and versatile B2B trading environments and supplementary services seamlessly on a single platform

    Liferay - a leading B2B DXP

    Liferay Digital Experience Platform combines the online store, portal, content management, and customer relationship management, all on the same platform. DXP makes it possible to produce various concepts and thereby manage the entire digital process. Not everything has to be thought through, as Liferay DXP can adjust to changing circumstances and meet your current and future needs. Liferay was top of the list in Gartner’s B2B DXP comparison.

    Why choose Liferay and Solteq?

    The versatility of the Liferay platform allied with Solteq’s solid experience in B2B online shop and a comprehensive service portfolio is a winning combination. We support you throughout your development, from design to implementation and continuous development.

    With you all the way

    Whether you are creating a content website to launch a new product line, an online shop for a distribution network, a shop of peripheral devices directly for consumers, a spare parts shop for your own maintenance organization, or all of these, we can get you going one concept at a time, deploy these to production and build up your platform as needed.

    Liferay Digital Experience Platform is used to build a B2B online store

    DXP and the life cycle of customer relationships

    The Digital Experience Platform was designed to cover the entire life cycle of the customer relationship. The same platform is used to attract users to the service, guide them to complete transactions, maintain customer relationships, and collect data for analysis.


    Key features of B2B trading, such as

    • modeling of the organization
    • user roles and rights
    • customer-specific documents
    • good search features and
    • versatile personalization

    extend throughout Liferay DXP.


    With Liferay, you can easily create custom services to purposes such as entering various details, displaying maintenance or device information, or installing schedules from an external source. All this is available in a single technology platform for customer forums, blogs, newsletters, and more.

    A modern B2B digitalization platform must offer features for the publication of versatile services, reaching a range of target groups. You may not know now what your future concepts will be like, so the platform must meet all needs. Liferay supports your company comprehensively.

    Liferay's benefits and features:

    Liferay's benefits and features

    One platform for all services

    Liferay includes content management, online shop, portal, form, custom services – whatever you need

    Liferay's benefits and features

    Easy integration

    Liferay can be easily integrated with external data sources, databases and interfaces.

    Liferay's benefits and features

    Liferay is genuinely international

    Liferay offers you a multisite environment for different market areas, languages and currencies.

    Liferay's benefits and features

    Comprehensive standard features

    The standard features already contain most of the features needed for B2B trading.

    Liferay's benefits and features

    Independent of terminal device

    Liferay is based on the API first approach, being able to offer data regardless of terminal device for a variety of user interfaces.

    Liferay's benefits and features

    Inbuilt analytics

    Liferay contains a comprehensive analytics module that covers all DXP services.

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