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    HCL Commerce | Enterprise e-commerce platform

    HCL Commerce scales to any business need, be that B2C, B2B, B2B2C or D2C

    Woman working with laptop on large e-commerce warehouse operated by HCL Commerce e-commerce platform

    HCL Commerce is a true enterprise level web store platform

    HCL Commerce can handle complex business scenarios, has world class marketing features, a structure to support true independent multi-site model and a strong roadmap giving value to your investment. The product also features an extension framework to fine-tune the processes for your business.

    API-first approach

    HCL Commerce at v9.1 is built on API-first approach and 100% of the system services are available through REST API. The product comes with a headless UI layer implemented using React. HCL Commerce is the first commercial web store platform that is delivered as Docker containers only. Using Dockers as a distribution method allows fast and limitless scalability on those important campaign hours and sales periods. This also makes it possible to run the solution either in public cloud, on-premise or as a service provided by Solteq.

    Want to start growing in online sales?

    HCL Commerce is the platform to choose when your business is already mature, and you want to start growing in online sales.

    Solteq is able to provide a full service around the platform integrating it to your enterprise architecture and start developing the business together.

    HCL Commerce benefits and highlights


    One platform

    One platform for all your e-commerce needs.


    Strong roadmap

    Strong roadmap to benefit from, main development focus area for HCL.



    Scalable by nature, delivered as Docker containers.


    Multi-site structure

    True multi-site structure with independent control.


    Out-of-the-box features

    Extensive feature set out-of-the-box.


    Elastic search

    Elastic search integral part of the solution.


    Marketing features

    Extensive marketing features.


    B2B focused features

    Strong selection of B2B focused features: customer organisation, roles, self-service features.


    Page Composer

    Page Composer to build your site.


    Extension server

    Extension server to handle your specific development while keeping the product out-of-the-box.

    Mikko Hirvonen

    More information about HCL Commerce

    Mikko Hirvonen

    Sales Director, Commerce & Data

    +358 40 550 9695