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    Customer Interaction and Service Solution for Energy and Water Supply Companies

    Fluent Customer Service and Interaction Tailored to the Needs of Energy and Water Supply Companies

    Solteq Utilities Customer and Self-service - People on a lobby of a modern electric company
    Solteq Utilities Customer and Self-service - versatile tools for digital customer engagement for district heating, water supply and energy companies user interface on a laptop screeen

    Customer Service and Customer Online for Energy and Water Supply Companies

    Comprehensive Customer Interaction 

    Solteq Utilities Self-service is a comprehensive customer interaction solution designed to meet the needs of electricity retailers, DSOs, district heating and cooling, and water supply companies. Solteq i4U customer service is suitable for both business customers and consumers.

    Using the online service platform, a customer can view their contracts, invoices and consumption data, interact with the company, update information, report a move out, receive news, advice, and tips in any situation. In addition, electricity sales customers can sign new contracts and extend their fixed-term contracts.

    The energy company's customer service representative accepts the order according to Solteq Utilities Customer and Self-service customer processes

    Efficient Tools for Customer Service

    Solteq Utilities Customer Service is a versatile customer service tool and interface for monitoring and managing all enquiries and tasks related to the customer relationship in energy and water supply companies.
    • Efficient management and processes of customer communication and enquiries across various channels
    • Fluent execution of customer communication and marketing campaigns in different channels
    • Effortless product management tools for product maintenance
    Comprehensive tools for electricity sales contracts and quotations
    • Signing sales contracts
    • Creating, sending, and following up offers to customers whose fixed-term contract is about to expire
    Managing the network connection point contracts and outage communication
    • Managing the whole process from an offer to the deployment
    • Managing outage and other customer communication

    Special features for energy and water supply companies

    Outage communication

    The Outage communication module helps a network company to manage information and communication on any service interruptions, sudden or planned, in a timely and precise way.

    Value to the customer:

    • Peace of mind: knowing that the network company is already working on a sudden problem
    • Trust: knowing planned interruptions in advance helps you prepare for them and increases trust in the network company.

    Value to the network company:

    • Efficiency: defined processes and tools for informing all stakeholders immediately in power outages.
    • Frees resources for solving the issue quickly.

    Network connection point contract management

    A well-defined, process-oriented, efficient tool for managing and monitoring the steps and tasks for establishing connection point contracts:

    • Responding to customer enquiries.
    • Processing offers, orders, and contracts.
    • Managing the delivery and deployment, including subcontractors.
    • Even a satisfaction survey is included.

    Value to utility customer:

    • Easy to initiate the process for a network connection point whenever needed.
    • Up-to-date information on the progress and tasks of each stakeholder.
    • Smart process: existing information utilized in every step, minimizes the need for questions.

    Value to network company:

    • Guided process brings efficiency at every step.
    • Minimizes unnecessary errors and delays.

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