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    Point of Sales system (POS system) | Solteq Commerce Cloud

    Comprehensive POS system for a variety of businesses

    Solteq Commerce Cloud is a modern, multichannel, cloud-based POS system that is suited for a variety of retail businesses and restaurants.

    Solteq Commerce Cloud is designed for use in many kinds of businesses, such as brick-and-mortar shops, restaurants, downhill skiing centers, amusement parks, and various types of events. The solution enables multichannel business, combining a traditional store, self-service checkouts/points of sales (POS) and an online shop into an easily manageable, single entity. The system includes an agile ERP system, product information management, online shop functionality and features for self-service kiosks and contactless transactions. Solteq Commerce Cloud Mobile POS enables sales regardless of time and place.

    Commerce Cloud point of sale system customer view in  Aures display.

    Solteq Commerce Cloud POS system covers all aspects of modern commerce 

    In its simplest form, the solution includes the software with basic functions, payment/checkout terminals and a customer support channel in case of problems.

    Basic functions of the POS system

    • Cash register system/cashier functions
    • Sales, orders and deliveries
    • Product information management
    • Pricing
    • Cost centers, charts of accounts and account reports
    • Reporting and analytics
    An additional kitchen control display connected to the Commerce Cloud checkout system.

    The POS system can be expanded with the following extra features, for example

    • Inventory management
    • Online shop
    • Pre-orders
    • Gift cards
    • Kitchen flow processes (restaurants, cafes)
    • Recipe management (restaurants, cafes)
    • Additional displays suitable for the operating environment to support kitchen flow management and the operation of a pick-up point, for example
    A man at a bicycle repair shop is checking the condition of a bike.

    Implementation and integrations with other systems

    The Solteq Commerce Cloud POS system can be implemented on relatively short notice. Thanks to its modularity, it can be extended one part/module at a time to support your business growth.

    The solution can be integrated with other commerce platforms and software, such as

    • accounting systems
    • enterprise resource planning systems (ERP)
    • reporting systems (for example Zoined)

    Read more about integrations >

    ”The cooperation has been very easy and I believe that we will be able to build Solteq Commerce Cloud into a system that will help us on our way to growth.”

    Janne Juvonen, CEO, VoiVeljet Oy

    Frequently asked questions

    Does the POS system support multichannel trading?

    Solteq’s Commerce Cloud solution brings together all modern commerce channels, integrated light online shop, brick-and-mortar service and self-service points of sale and the capability to integrate with, for example, the WooCommerce online shop platform, if the online shop’s needs are more extensive.

    Is the POS system safe to use through a cloud service?

    From the very beginning, Solteq’s Commerce Cloud was built as a secure payment solution, using the best technological modules to ensure safety. Commerce Cloud data security features have also been audited several times by external data audit experts.

    Is it possible to integrate the POS system with other business related systems?

    Solteq Commerce Cloud has been built using modern and open interface solutions enabling seamless integration with accounting systems or ERP systems.

    Can Solteq deliver a comprehensive solution for our business?

    Solteq Commerce Cloud can be delivered as a comprehensive service, with all the necessary software and equipment delivered and installed by Solteq.

    If the internet connection to the cloud does not work, will the checkout and back-end systems work?

    Solteq Commerce Cloud uses an internet connection actively, but the solution has been built to be fault-tolerant even if connection problems occur. If a connection is lost, customers can still be served normally, and once the connection is back, all sales transactions will be transferred to the cloud. The same system applies to mobile points of sale.

    Mobile POS devices.

    Mobile POS enables sales regardless of time and place


    Solteq Commerce Cloud Mobile POS is an excellent solution for example:

    • For pop-up stores
    • For food stalls and restaurant terrace sales
    • For mobile sales (e.g. delivery services, training services, services when traveling)
    • For cloakrooms and ticket sales at events


    Solteq Commerce Cloud Mobile POS can be integrated into the payment terminal.

    The sales reports are available from the same background service as sales from other sales channels – one place for reports, product maintenance and pricing.

    Self-service  POS kiosk.

    Boost efficiency and customer experience with self-service checkouts/POS kiosks

    In today's fast-paced world, providing exceptional customer service while maximizing operational efficiency is crucial for businesses. Solteq Commerce Cloud offers cutting-edge self-service checkouts/POS kiosks designed to transform your customer experience. With self-service POS kiosks, you can gain many advantages:

    • Reduced wait times: Self-service kiosks offer convenience to customers by reducing wait times and allowing them to place orders and make purchases quickly and easily. This leads to improved customer satisfaction.
    • Increase in sales.
    • Reduced labor cost: self-service kiosks can help reduce labor costs for businesses, as they require fewer staff members to handle transactions and orders.
    • Data for personalization: Kiosks also enable businesses to gather valuable customer data, such as order history and preferences, which can be used to personalize future experiences

    Our self-service solution empowers your customers to take control of their shopping experience. With intuitive interfaces and seamless functionality, they can quickly and conveniently make purchases, reducing wait times and enhancing overall satisfaction.

    Streamline operations, elevate customer experience, and stay ahead of the competition with self-service POS kiosks/checkouts.

    Read more about the benefits of self-service POS kiosks >

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