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    Solteq Order Engine

    Improved customer experience and streamlined processes in omnichannel environments

    Opportunities within easy reach

    Solteq Order Engine is offered to customers as flexible and scalable SaaS model. This ensures an easy start-up without the need for investments and a system that is tailored to individual customer needs.

    The interface is intuitive and using the service takes place through a web browser in a secure environment.

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    What does omnichannel mean?

    Businesses are increasingly often offering their customers alternative channels for purchasing their products. The traditional brick and mortar stores are accompanied by versatile eCommerce solutions. Yet, many companies still have active field sales.

    From a product delivery point of view, products can be shipped directly from a company’s warehouse and the network of brick and mortar stores can be utilized for warehousing and deliveries. In addition companies would like to utilize vendor´s inventory for direct deliveries. From a business perspective, it is important that these processes are managed efficiently, systematically and as controlled entity.

    All of the different ordering and delivering channels constitute a modern multichannel environment necessary for trading within retail, wholesale and industrial sectors.

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    What is Order Management?

    It is managing, automating and optimizing everything that happens between a customer's order and the delivery of goods. Given the wide variety of ordering and delivering channels nowadays, order management is needed.

    A well-designed order management solution enables centralized management of information across all order channels, providing a wider range of products for online store customers, efficiency through an integrated supply chain, and extensive use of diverse information.

    Key benefits

    A better customer experience while enhancing business operations.

    Centralized management

    Enables visibility into the current status – balances, sales or deliveries – of product orders.


    Improving transparency

    The same information is available for everyone. This allows more coordinated business management.


    Function optimization

    Business operations are managed as an optimized entity. The system assists with finding the most effective models.


    Improved customer experience

    Customers receives up-to-date information about their purchases and can be served with a wide range of products.

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    Use cases

    Support for the omnichannel purchase process

    Solteq Order Engine sources information from different sales channels into one place, where it can be tracked and managed.

    Today, customers search for product information online, but may make the final purchase decision at a brick and mortar store.

    Order Engine creates the opportunity for customers to start their online shopping process and complete it at a brick and mortar store – or vice versa. This enables customers and store staff to customize an open purchase process, while ensuring a great customer experience through direct interaction and individual customer service.

    Endless Aisle

    According to surveys, one of the main reasons why Finns buy products from international online stores is the wider range of products they have to offer.

    Order Engine allows businesses to build an ecosystem for sales, which no longer is limited by stock. Thanks to Order Engine, opportunities to utilize the full range of supplier network are limitless.

    Order Engine allows suppliers to display product and balance information online in real-time, which helps to compete in the international environment businesses are operating in.

    Delivery optimization

    From the customer's point of view, nothing is more frustrating than receiving the ordered entity in multiple separate deliveries.

    Order Engine helps to manage the delivery process and customers’ ordered products are able to be delivered in a single delivery – instead of separate deliveries.

    In addition, delivery optimization of Order Engine enables the entire network to be used as a warehouse where different prioritization rules can be used to direct deliveries from different locations, for example based on the customer's delivery address.

    Customer service desk

    The customer service desktop solution is a modern and visually appealing environment, which users can access with a web browser. The user interface allows easy monitoring for sales and management of information. It serves as a tool for a salesperson or a customer service representative, for example, in situations where a customer order must be processed at the customer's request.

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