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    A comprehensive DMS solution for automotive sales and after-sales services

    Smart Dealer

    Smart Dealer - Close up of car's headlight in a car dealer showroom

    Smart Dealer

    Smart Dealer is a cloud-based solution suite that comprises of Solteq’s after-sales system WebService, and Alma Ajo’s retail system WebSales. The suite offers solutions for both streamlined operating processes and high-quality customer encounters, regardless of the channel.

    Smart Dealer combines Solteq WebService with Alma Ajo Websales.

    Smart Dealer covers both sales and after-sales functions and provides seamless integrations between them.

    Solteq WebService = maintenance and spare parts

    Alma Ajo Websales = sales and marketing

    Sales and after-sales are integrated together in a manner that all customer and vehicle-related information is available wherever and whenever needed.

    Modern interfaces enable integrating both internal and external other systems into the solution suite, in order to meet the business needs now and in the future.

    Why choose Smart Dealer?

    The solution suite combines Solteq's and Alma's local industry knowledge with world-class technical expertise.

    The decision-making of both companies is in Finland, which ensures an agile response to the rapidly changing special needs of the industry.


    Matti Turkulainen

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    Matti Turkulainen

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