Analytics for energy and water companies

    The core business of an energy and water company composes largely of measuring the utility itself

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    Manage operations with facts

    The core business of an energy and water company also composes largely of measuring the utility itself, from the production and transmission of energy or water to its distribution and sale. Other business operations also produce a large number of data, such as purchases, logistics, sales, etc. In addition to your own data, useful data is available outside the company in various formats.

    The challenge is to create an overall picture that is up to date: there is data available, but it is often scattered, in different formats, and from different time periods.

    The large quantity of data and collecting it in one place do not suffice alone. It is essential to first understand what problem is being solved and what the desired result is. We can assist you with both determining and implementing your goals. We use modern data warehouse modeling and automation tools, and cloud-based tools. As a customer, you get up-to-date analytics to support management and decision-making.

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