Business description

    Solteq is a Nordic provider of IT services and software solutions specializing in the digitalization of business and industry-specific software. The key sectors in which the company has long-term experience include retail, industry, energy and services. In addition to Finland, the company operates in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Poland and the UK.

    We offer comprehensive services, which cover all aspects of our customers' operations from digital business development and service design to implementation and maintenance. A large portion of our revenue streams come from continuous services. SaaS and cloud services are crucial forms of our operations.

    Our service offering is characterised by the combination of extensive experience and deep customer and industry insight. We want to make everyday digital services as easy and convenient to use as possible.

    We strengthen our customers’ competitive edge and decision-making through extensive analysis and utilisation of real-time data. The acquisitions have also expanded our operating environment and made us a truly Nordic player.

    Operating environment

    Demand for digital expert services and continuously developing software products is increasing alongside the digital disruption and as businesses’ operating environments change. Solteq primarily operates with selected solutions in chosen sectors of the Nordic IT services and software market. Solteq estimates that this market will develop positively and offer a clear avenue for growth both domestically and internationally.

    Solteq offers industry-specific solutions for trade, manufacturing industry, car retail, the energy industry, the hotel and restaurant business and the public sector. Demand continues to grow in these sectors for solutions that digitalize core operations and make use of artificial intelligence, data, automation and seamless multichannel systems. Demand is being further increased by statutory obligations to renew data systems, for example in the energy sector and water resources management. The company has a significant competitive advantage based on long-term experience of sector-specific needs.

    Demand for autonomous robotics and cloud services is expected to continue growing rapidly around the world. Solteq is a trailblazer in autonomous robotics and cloud-based POS solutions in Europe. The company is expecting to achieve international success over the next few years with Solteq Retail Robot and the modern, cloud-based Solteq Cloud POS solution, both launched in 2019.

    Solteq has been consistently building its market position as a provider of comprehensive solutions and services. This resonates well with the market. On the other hand, continuous development of customer needs requires investments in Solteq’s own product development and new technologies, especially within cloud services and analytics. In addition, IT sector players are expected to provide more agile and scalable delivery models. Solteq meets the expectations with its organization utilizing agile methods and by focusing on providing services according to the as-a-Service (aaS) model.

    The digital expert services and software products provided by the company comprehensively cover developments that are expected to emerge in the future. These include intelligent use of data in business processes, the mainstreaming of cloud technologies, and digital services based on user and customer experiences. The digital reality is affecting everyone. Keeping up with the latest developments is therefore on the current and future agenda of companies of different sizes and in various sectors.