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    Berggård Amundsen & Co AS

    A new webshop grew online sales by 22%

    As a dynamic electrical wholesaler with the ambition to redefine the agenda of the industry, Berggård Amundsen has never been satisfied with the status quo. On the contrary, they have a desire to set new standards for how to streamline the digital flow, maintain local presence and establish close connections with both industry installers and private consumers.

    Webshop user interface screenshots.

    Supporting Berggård Amundsen’s online strategy, Solteq has provided B2B and B2C solutions, enhancing both the smooth functioning of daily operations and the achievement of business objectives.

    From the initial role as an independent consultant to being a close collaborator for over four years, Berggård Amundsen and Solteq Denmark A/S have experienced an evolving partnership with the development and implementation of innovative solutions.

    A personal online customer experience.

    Berggård Amundsen found that the platform for their webshop was inflexible, and they wanted a greater degree of personalisation. They also needed to increase their online share, even if the goal is not 100% e-commerce. Berggård Amundsen still wants to prioritise direct contact with the customers, which takes place via the 27 ProffPunkt sales points throughout Norway.

    "After mapping the market, the choice fell on the HCL Commerce platform with solutions delivered and developed by Solteq," says Terese Emilie Bugten, head of digital development at Berggård Amundsen. "Solteq added useful advice on trends in the market and what features would be useful for our customers going forward."

    Since the implementation of the new webshop in 2019/20, the online sales share has grown 22%.

    Freeing up staff to serve the customers.

    The next task on the digital journey for Berggård Amundsen was the development of a new B2B app and the goal was twofold:

    1. The customer's shopping experience via the phone was to be strengthened.
    2. The customer was to save time in the 27 ProffPunkt sales points, and in the unmanned commission stores that Berggård Amundsen also makes available to customers.

    Together with Solteq, Berggård Amundsen developed a more informative and flexible app with more product data than before. Customers can now shop faster and get the information they need. This has resulted in several favourable effects:

    • The customers can see their purchase history in the app and targeted store campaigns can help increase the app usage in the store.
    • The employees get more time at their disposal. They can now better advise customers and keep the sales points presentable.
    • The existing hand scanners can be phased out. They have often been a bottleneck in the store and they contain very little product information, increasing the risk of choosing the wrong item.

    "If our customers have an agreement regarding access to our sales points, they can use the app to shop around the clock. We see this as an upgrade to the customer experience, and the app has also been well received," says Terese Emilie Bugten.

    User interface images on mobile screens

    Venturing into fresh territory together.

    The last two years have offered new inspiring projects for Berggård Amundsen and Solteq. The electrical wholesaler has upgraded its internal IT and development department, and both parties have prioritised new competencies. As a result of the evolution, new areas have been involved like internal development projects and new B2C initiatives.

    "The development of a new quote builder is a good example of how we can work together with Solteq and solve a challenge – also internally," says the head of digital development at Berggård Amundsen and continues: "The previous solution was developed for a platform, which was about to be shut down. So, we developed an MVP solution that retrieves more accurate data and is fully integrated into our offer flow."

    The internal project is not the only new area that the collaboration has moved into. The launch of ELFR is Berggård Amundsen's newest solution and the first step into the B2C market.

    In a country where approximately 8 out of 10 new cars purchased are electric, Berggård Amundsen aims to play a substantial role in direct communication with consumers regarding products and services. The creation of serves as a central hub, actively involving installers in the purchase process. Solteq has played a pivotal role in shaping the design, enhancing the user experience, and contributing to the technical solution itself.

    “The collaboration with Solteq has helped us reach our market through vital applications. Furthermore, we have been able to build up important competencies within technology, UX, and design. We have grown together, and we will continue on the growth journey together in the future."

    Terese Emilie Bugten, Head of Digital Development at Berggård Amundsen

    Ready to explore the future potential.

    Berggård Amundsen and Solteq not only have a close and trusting partnership in common but also a great appetite for exploiting the many opportunities of the future. Electrification is spreading fast, as is digitisation and the use of AI to further enhance the customer experience.

    "We keep our focus on developing solutions of value for our customers. This requires seamless, sustainable logistics that guarantee precise delivery," states Terese Emilie Bugten and concludes: "The collaboration with Solteq has helped us reach our market through vital applications. Furthermore, we have been able to build up important competencies within technology, UX, and design. We have grown together, and we will continue on the growth journey together in the future."

    About Berggård Amundsen & Co AS

    Berggård Amundsen & Co AS is an independent, Norwegian- and family-owned electrical wholesaler established in 1946. Through their 27 ProffPunkt stores around the country, they focus on local presence and proximity to customers and their everyday lives.

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