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    Solteq has represented SymphonyAI solutions since the company’s establishment


    SymphonyAI is the only IT provider that can deliver integrated, AI-based end-to-end solutions to Retail and Fast-Moving Consumer Goods industry.

    Why SymphonyAI?

    Solteq has represented SymphonyAI Solutions since the company’s establishment. Deliveries to customers have been made together and we have included the most known SymphonyAI product brands like GOLD.

    SymphonyAI is a proven and recognized provider of Retail IT solutions. They have delivered solutions to over 1,200 customers in over 70 countries with 30 years of experience. They have mainly focused on the Retail and Fast-Moving Consumer Goods industry. Their offering covers Multi-Channel Supply Chain Management, Assortment and Space Optimization for Stores and Customer Data Based Management.

    Who are SymphonyAI solutions made for?

    SymphonyAI solutions can be utilized in Retail Supply Chain management, designing and controlling store operations, and marketing based on customer buying behavior. Retailers can boost Assortment Optimization and Space Management of stores. Also, Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) manufacturers benefit from assortment and space planning, collaborating with their retail channels. And all this with the strong support of AI.

    Leading supplier of AI solutions for Retail

    As the name of the company reveals, SymphonyAI is focusing heavily on the possibilities of AI when analyzing data used by software solutions and on the area of steering operations at the moment. As proof of fulfilling this goal, the company is one of the top players in many international studies where the AI abilities of Retail Software vendors are measured. >


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