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    What is BI (Business Intelligence) & Analytics?

    Combining data from various sources, analysing data, and utilising it to support decision-making provides competitive advantages to your business

    How to utilise business intelligence (BI) and analytics in business?

    We provide your company with up-to-date analytics to support decision-making and management.

    We measure and analyse together with you

    Analysing data, combining data from various sources and utilising it to support decision-making provides competitive advantages to your company. We establish the monitoring of your business-critical performance indicators as a service and help make well-grounded decisions instead of resorting to guesswork.

    Comprehensive services for business intelligence and analytics

    We collect our customer company’s data that is scattered in various information systems and refine, analyse and visualise it into a format that can be utilised.

    Predictability increases consistency and saves time

    Innovative machine learning and artificial intelligence solutions combined with IoT solutions enable better predictability of your business and processes, and they provide tools for automatic process monitoring and continuous optimisation.

    Modern data storage solutions

    We are actively following market developments related to our customers’ business processes and technical solutions. We create cloud-based and on-premises solutions as required. We provide data storage solutions based on customer needs by using either dimensional models or DataVault solutions.

    BI and analytics tools we use

    Examples of the tools we use to solve problems.

    • Microsoft Power BI
    • Azure SQL Database
    • Azure Analysis Services
    • Azure IOT
    • Azure Stream Analytics
    • Azure Machine Learning

    • SQL Server
    • SQL Server Integration Services
    • SQL Server Analysis Services
    • SQL Server Reporting Services
    • Amazon IOT
    • Amazon SnowFlake

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