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    1. We do business with integrity

    Solteq’s goal is to be a respected global digital commerce service provider with the mind-set of a small company. This goal requires us to conduct our business with integrity in everything we do. It is really simple – we want to do the right thing.

    This Code of Conduct addresses the main principles that guide our everyday work. Solteqians have accepted and committed to this Code of Conduct.

    This Code of Conduct applies to everyone working at Solteq Group. Let’s remember that Solteq culture, values and ethics are created, supported and tested by us and co-workers, every day. Therefore, our choices really matter.

    2. Healthy and fair working environment is paramount

    We care for each other’s well-being. We are empathetic and respect everyone’s needs. We endeavour to make our offices a good place to work and support flexible working methods when needed.

    Solteq is committed to promoting occupational health and safety by using best know-how available. We have zero tolerance for any discrimination, harassment and intentional insults. We promote a culture of equal opportunities and diversity. We honour our employees’ right to associate in labour unions.

    3. We are information security experts

    Confidentiality and integrity of business critical information are the cornerstones of our business. Our ambition is to deliver data secure systems to our clients and, therefore, our systems are built on high standards. Everyone at Solteq is trained to ensure data security and protect the continuity of our business.

    We are committed to respect and protect everyone’s privacy and personal information. Any personal data will be collated, used and processed only for legitimate business purposes and in compliance with privacy laws.

    Data security is ensured in Solteq by rigorous processes that are described in our Information Security Policy.

    4. We do not accept bribes or other unethical behaviour

    Solteq does not accept bribery or corruption in any form. Strict zero tolerance is pursued by acting in compliance with our policy and training our personnel. We also carefully select our business partners.

    All payments must be properly authorized and recorded in our bookkeeping. We do not pay or accept any improper benefits. Every benefit we give or accept could be openly reported to anyone. We are committed to transparency in our business operations.

    Gifts, hospitality and entertainment for our customers and suppliers are generally acceptable. All benefits must support Solteq’s business goals, be in line with legislation, our policy, and reasonably infrequent and modest in value.

    Our common goal is to promote Solteq’s best interest. We do our best to avoid situations where Solteq’s and a Solteqian’s interests could be in conflict.

    5. No insider trading

    Solteqians often have information that is not publicly available. This information usually is insider information, which cannot be used when buying, selling or otherwise dealing with Solteq’s shares or other financial instruments.

    We must protect the confidentiality of insider information and must not disclose any insider information to anyone, unless such disclosure takes place in the normal course of our work or tasks, or unless one would be exceptionally authorized to do so.

    6. We work with the good guys

    We are visionary experts with high ethics. We can only achieve our goals set out in this Code of Conduct if our business partners support the same values and operate in compliance with all laws. We pursue co-operation that is fair and mutually beneficial. Therefore, when selecting business partners we need to know who we are dealing with.

    We work with companies and individuals that are aligned with our zero tolerance towards bribery and unethical conduct. It is clear to all of us that we do not do business with entities that use child or forced labour or do not have appropriate systems to ensure that all human rights and other health and safety standards are complied with.

    Solteq supplier criteria are set out in the Supplier Code of Conduct.

    7. As all modern people – We like it green

    We want to help our clients to see green. Our solutions enhance logistics and other operations of our clients, thus reducing transportation costs, waste and consumption of materials.

    Solteq endeavours to make green choices in its own business operations. We support initiatives to reduce the amount of travel by using modern communication channels. When we travel, we favour less polluting options. We also do our best to minimize the use of office paper and energy, and to enhance the recycling of waste.

    8. Speak up!

    A Solteqian has the guts to open his or her eyes and ask if everything is OK. We encourage a culture where concerns can be raised without having to fear others’ reactions. We all have the right to be proud of Solteq.

    Most of the concerns can be discussed informally. Should you have something more delicate in mind and you think that our Code of Conduct or policies could be violated, please report it to your superior or through the Solteq Compliance Helpline. Doing this will allow us to deal with the issue and correct it.

    Vantaa, 22 June 2016

    Board of Directors