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    Solution for electricity sales management | Solteq Electricity Trade

    Comprehensive solution for electricity sales, sales forecasting, and risk management

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    Digitalize your electricity sales process with off-the-shelf SaaS solution for the Nordic electricity markets

    Whether you want a better product for electricity pricing, risk management, sales forecasting, or reporting, you can find it in the most popular solution on the market. With Solteq Electricity Trade you can manage the entire electricity sales process, from quotation to billing. It allows you to serve a wider range of customers and minimize the risks of electricity trading, thus producing a better business result for the company. The solution is modular, so you can choose the functionality you want - or all of it.
    The software develops and scales according to customer and market needs and adds great value for any retailer, despite the size of the business. Focus on your core business with automated tools and reports to support more informed business decisions.

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    Enhance, manage, control, and forecast electricity sales with a single solution

    Sales processes, forecasts, and portfolios - all in one straightforward solution

    Customer-specific profitability

    You can accurately identify customer-specific profitability and optimize your business accordingly.

    Price, volume, and market risks

    Gain real-time visibility into price, volume, and market risks, enabling you to efficiently manage risks and respond quickly to changes.

    System and EPAD prices

    Ensure transparent management of system prices and EPAD prices, allowing for efficient and informed decision-making in your electricity sales operations.

    Real-time and accurate sales forecasts

    Receive real-time realizations and forecasts down to the hourly level, allowing you to optimize pricing and sales accurately.


    Import data directly from the local datahub into quotation and billing, making process faster and more efficient. 

    Versatile electricity products

    Efficiently design, price, and manage a wide range of electricity products and guarantees of origin.

    Data in one place

    Manage data in one place, enabling more efficient data processing and reducing the risk of errors.

    Focus on the core business

    Free up time and resources to focus on core business activities with off-the-shelf software, as the solution takes care of the complex technical aspects and data collection from background systems.

    Solteq Electricity Trade - Products for the Electricity Sales Professionals

    B2B and B2C Pricing Management

    With Pricing functionality you can offer tailor-made quotations to corporate customers and manage consumer product pricing. The sales products and pricing model are retailer-specific. Quotations can be made to any Nordic price area and with any selected Nordic currency. GoO and el-certificate costs can be included to the quotations pricing model.

    Pricing and making quotations is straightforward and simple. Data for the calculation can be imported from the local datahub and you can calculate quotations for different products and time periods at once. You can model the customer's electricity consumption as the basic data for the calculation or take advantage of the customer's own hourly profile.

    Sales Portfolio Management

    The Sales Portfolio Management product offers you the best forecasts and realizations of electricity sales. 

    Report calculations are based on the latest market information and hourly based consumption measurements in point of delivery level. Forecasts are automatically updated and realizations are compared to forecasts, allowing you to see profile, volume and market risks in real time. Sales transactions, such as a new contract, changes forecasts immediately.

    With this module you can also automate the invoicing process. The solution calculates the individual invoicing prices for each customer based on measured consumption, hedges and fees by the contract.

    Position Management

    With Position Management product, you can effortlessly view hedging, in-house production, and sales forecasts.

    Sales forecasts are updated in real time from Portfolio Management, reducing the latency against the market. Hedging can be done directly from the product by standard electricity derivatives and over-the-counter products. Different hedging strategies can be modelled and monitored in the selected portfolio levels and the effects are immediately visible.

    Risk Management

    Risk Management offers a flexible method of overall risk control. You can view several important risk management reports, key figures, and risk indicators that provide valuable information on the overall situation of electricity sales.

    In addition to its own risk-management features, the product offers integration with the systems of all major risk-management partners, if required.

    Online Customer Service

    Online Customer Services serves your customers 24/7 on the channel they want. Corporate and institutional customers see the status of their electricity sales portfolio, quotation and contract prices, forecasts and realizations with prices and volumes. Changes in market prices and forecasts are immediately shown to the customer.

    Online is a really effortless way to discuss the situation of the sales portfolio or acquisition with your customers in real time and strive to make the best solutions together.

    Data Warehouse and Analytics

    Reporting acquires information from various sources in an easily understandable format for each user group and allows to view the data efficiently on an hourly basis. This makes status reports available for the organization with a minimal delay and without laborious data collection.

    Reporting can be implemented with your reporting and analytics systems by simple and standardized interfaces. 


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