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    Customer Information Management and Invoicing System

    Efficient Customer Information Management and Invoicing for Energy and Water Utility Companies

    Solteq Utilities CIS - Powerlines accross graa field with city silhouette in the background
    Solteq Utilities CIS - modern browser-based customer data management and invoicing system user interface on a laptop screen

    Why Solteq Utilities CIS?

    Solteq Utilities CIS enables comprehensive customer information management, excellent customer service, flexible product management, efficient invoicing, and easy data utilization across various systems.

    Solteq Utilities CIS is a browser-based customer data management and invoicing system. Thanks to its modular structure, you can select the functionalities that are essential for your company.

    The implementation of the solution is efficient due to well-defined interfaces and existing integrations to other common systems on the market.
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    Focus on Customer Processes

    Using Solteq Utilities CIS is efficient, quick and easy, thanks to the customer and use case driven design.
    • Different processes with their tasks are clearly separated
    • Key processes and tasks in one view
    • All relevant information related to tasks is readily available
    • Routine tasks are automated
    • Visual design aids in task prioritization

    Streamlining Productization

    Versatile functions for quickly launching new products provide a competitive advantage.
    • Flexible product structure allows for innovative pricing models
    • Supports consolidated invoicing by importing ready invoice lines from other systems
    • Special features for electricity, water, district heating and cooling are included in productization
    • Support for handling small-scale production

    Efficient Invoicing

    Automated processes enhance invoicing efficiency.
    • Invoicing can be fully automated
    • Overall status and possible deviations in the same view
    • Possible to select customers for special processing or monitoring
    • Possible to use it as a communication channel

    The system manages the entire invoicing process, or, thanks to its modular structure, only the desired part of it. For example, a ledger and  transfer of receipts to the customer's own accounting are optional features.

    Utilizing Data

    Solteq Utilities CIS enables data utilization across different systems.

    Solteq Utilities CIS manages customers, connections, usage points, products, and invoices. These are valuable and essential data also for other systems. Therefore, inWorks is designed to work seamlessly with other systems, made possible by its modular structure and clearly defined interfaces.

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