Digital Marketing

    Data-oriented digital marketing management is able to make better decisions, create more impactful customer encounters, and increase sales

    Digital Marketing

    Digital marketing is a strategic entity based on in-depth knowledge of service users and targeting marketing efforts to the right audience. Data-oriented marketing management is able to make better decisions, create more impactful customer encounters, and increase sales.

    Digital advertising

    Digital advertising helps us drive more of your target audience to your online service and get them to take more meaningful actions. Efficient digital advertising gives you targeted exposure and the results you want.


    Analytics and data analysis provide a deeper understanding of online business. Data and the visualization of it create a foundation for digital marketing efforts and improving customer experience. We help our customers to measure marketing efficiently and leverage analytics for business development.

    Marketing automation

    With marketing automation, recurring marketing processes can be streamlined and automated. Personalized and timely automation reduces bottlenecks and enable a smooth purchase path. We improve the customer experience at all touchpoints and increase customer loyalty.

    Search Engine marketing

    Search engine marketing consists of keyword advertising (SEM) and search engine optimization (SEO). It aims to improve the visibility of a brand in search engine and help reaching the right target audience at the right time.

    Conversion optimization

    By studying and testing the functioning of an online service or a landing page, the effectiveness of the website can be increased. Conversion optimization increases the productivity of marketing efforts and the usability of the online environment.

    Programmatic buying

    Brand building efforts and raising brand awareness benefit from programmatic buying (RTB). The advertising space is bought in real time and display and video ads can be targeted precisely and cost-efficiently to the right stage of the purchase path – opposite to the traditional advertising.

    Social media

    YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIN are great platforms for digital marketing aiming to increase brand awareness and enhance interaction with customers.

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