Multi-channel purchase paths for the changing needs of consumers.

Combine your brick and mortar and eCommerce into one seamless entity

Retail is undergoing changes, and eCommerce is constantly increasing its share of the total volume. Foreign eCommerce companies are here to stay. Those who combine brick and mortar and eCommerce into one seamless entity will fare best in the competition.


On the customers’ terms and in their schedule

Understanding customers and making operations more efficient are the key factors for retail success. The purchase path of consumers is no longer tied to time and place. Consumers have learnt to use the internet to search for products, to compare features and prices, to buy products and to collect them from a shop or pick-up point. Consumers are thus moving smoothly between the internet and shops.


It pays to utilise the digital footprint of customers

Consumers get inspiration and purchase impulses from various digital sources, such as the social media, dynamic smart communication and various identifiers. When customers surf the internet, they leave a digital footprint that can be followed and used in marketing. This is an opportunity that should not be left untapped.


Solteq is a leading retail expert. We are familiar with business models, processes, systems and the skills required from people. We can help your business in diverse ways in both small projects and large operational renewal projects.


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