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    What is Product Information Management (PIM)?

    Good quality product information has become a prerequisite for seamless multichannel commerce

    Competitive advantage from product information management (PIM)

    The quality of product information has become a prerequisite for seamless multichannel commerce. Solteq helps its’ customers to deal with the core business information of different areas and utilize product information for sales and marketing needs.

    PIM ensures a solid product experience for end customers

    Product information management ensures that product information is accurate and consistent across the channels. This makes data management much easier. A streamlined product process saves time and resources for more productive work and ensures a solid product experience for end customers. Well-managed information has the potential to deliver a significant competitive advantage.

    Comprehensive product information improves search engine results, reduces the number of product returns and increases customer satisfaction. Enriched product information also enables a faster market entry for new products and impacts positively on sales.

    Well-managed product information enhances the customer experience

    The importance of product information management is emphasized as customers expect to receive more accurate and versatile product information across the channels. Online searches for product information are done in order to support a purchasing decision. Also, online channels are used for finding ideas and inspiration. Physical stores are expected to provide even better quality and up-to-date product information. In-depth product information combined with a suitable desktop solution enhances the sales personnel’s ability to serve the customers.

    Product information management complements the omnichannel service experience and helps create a seamless product experience. Well-functioning product information management also streamlines internal processes. With centralized product information, launching new products to the market is faster and the saved time can be used to suport sales, marketing and business development. Centrally managed product information reduces the need for resources and ensures traceability across different sales channels.

    Centrally managed product information reduces the need for resources and ensures traceability across the channels

    Cost-effective maintenance and distribution across the channels of product information and digital materials is possible only, if the information is centrally managed and enriched. The information should be shared from a single source to stores, print materials, and digital services. It is challenging to maintain a satisfactory product information database with numerous suppliers and thousands of products in stock. When information is not properly managed, product information is easily in the state of chaos.

    Up-to-date information

    The centralized management of product information and material in online stores and services ensures that the information available is up-to-date, enriched and available for everyone who needs it – regardless of time, place or language.

    PIM (Product Information Management) system for retailers, importers, and manufacturers. It allows:

    • centralized management of product information across the channels,
    • effortless management of product descriptions, prices, features, images and videos,
    • efficient collection, enrichment and transfer of product information through different stages and across sales channels.

    Unlocking Business Potential: The power of a Product Information Management system

    Product Information Management System (PIM system)

    A product database cannot be based on good memory alone. It requires a centralized system for managing product information. Well-managed product information gives businesses many indispensable benefits.

    When comparing products, customers – even without realizing it – evaluate the quality of product information. Good product information means spectacular images, technical information, instructions and everything that supports a purchase decision. Companies providing quality product information simply make better sales.

    With a good product information management system, new products can be brougtht to the market faster. Also, product information needs to be adjusted for the requirements of different channels. For example, information needs to be presented differently on mobile than on a traditional website. It is worthwhile to utilize the possibilities of omnichannel to the fullest – with PIM – Informatica Product 360 this can be done.

    A comprehensive PIM system includes:

    • A portal for suppliers
    • Advanced workflow management features
    • Flexible data model and attribute management
    • Management of classification and product catalogs
    • Business guidelines
    • Quality management and monitoring of data
    • Reporting
    • Security & role management
    • Advanced search features
    • Role-Specific Views
    • Enriched information management
    • Global and local data management
    • Language version management
    • Dependency management
    • Expandability for other domains (vendors, customers, locations, etc.)
    • Versatile data update tools
    • Performance and scalability
    • Support for product / industry standards

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