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    The flexible POS system scales up easily

    Solteq Commerce Cloud supports the growth in Padel Club Finland

    Man playing padel.

    Padel Club Finland uses the cash register system in many ways. Self-service checkouts enable customer service even when staff is not present. Through integration, sales data is transferred directly to accounting system. The next step is the introduction of mobile POS, which will allow coaches to fund lessons right in the field.



    ”Solteq Commerce Cloud supports our expansion by scaling up easily and flexibly as the number of our locations grows."

    Veikko Honkanen, IT Manager, Padel Club Finland/Ledap Group

    Solteq Commerce Cloud is a modern, multichannel digital commerce solution that is suited for a variety of retail businesses and restaurants.

    Solteq Commerce Cloud is designed for use in many kinds of business, such as brick-and-mortar shops, restaurants, downhill skiing centers, amusement parks, and various types of events. The solution enables multichannel business, combining a traditional store, self-service checkouts/points of sales (POS) and an online shop into an easily manageable, single entity. The system includes an agile ERP system, product information management, online shop functionality and features for self-service kiosks and contactless transactions.

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