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    Technical experts

    We employ a wide range of technical experts in the fields of data and analytics, coding, technical consulting, quality assurance and testing, customer and system support as well as digital marketing. Since Solteq keeps growing and becoming more and more international, the number of our personnel keeps increasing, as well.

    The typical career length at Solteq is 6–10 years. That is already saying something. Solteq’s employees like each other and help out a friend in need. Solteq’s focus on growth and development make the work future-oriented and versatile. For this reason, our work community has room for both more seasoned staff members and promising young talent – we have suitably challenging roles for everyone. A typical Solteq employee values flexibility in working hours, a relaxed atmosphere as well as customers and colleagues. And, quite a few appreciate the opportunity to learn from the best in the industry.

    Data and analytics expert at Solteq

    Data and analytics

    Data and analytics is one of our most rapidly developing business areas and one in which we invest heavily. We are constantly looking for new data experts for our Nordic team.

    We are involved in solving our customers' business problems, side-by-side with the customers. Data is part of all of our customers' core processes, so you get to work at the core of business. Our tools include Azure, AWS, Microsoft Power BI, Snowflake, and Qlik. Solutions for machine learning, advanced analytics, artificial intelligence, and IoT are also part of what we do, and tera size data warehouses are part of our daily business.

    We also provide master data management solutions such as product data and customer data management, data quality projects, and assist our customers with projects related to their data strategy.

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    Software developer at Solteq

    Software development

    Software development is one of the most important areas of expertise for us. We develop and implement Europe-wide customer projects that combine software and business expertise. On this basis, we create international success stories.

    In our software development, we utilize both our own product development and technologies provided by our partners. Our software development includes AI and robotics, online services and stores, mobile and web applications, cloud services, testing, checkout and in-store solutions as well as integrations.

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    Technical consultant at Solteq

    Technical consulting

    Technical consulting plays a significant role in the analysis of customer needs and selecting the right solutions to our customers. Solteq’s technical consultants are involved in the projects all the way from the initial sales stage to conclusion and maintenance services.

    See our open positions.

    Quality assurance at Solteq

    Quality assurance and testing

    At Solteq, quality assurance is an important part of the delivery of software solutions and digital services. Quality assurance and testing is carried out systematically all the way from the beginning of the project to the production stage.

    Our quality experts collaborate closely with various stakeholders and work with both the customer’s and Solteq’s top experts.

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    Customer support at Solteq

    Customer and system support

    Solteq offers support services for various systems. We also offer a Single Point of Contact (SPOC) service, in which both the system’s end users and the customer’s designated main users can contact our system-support experts.

    People working in customer support process support and service requests, which requires knowledge of the customer’s operating models and delivered overall systems. The operating models we use are based on ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) and SCRUM practices, which are supported by our modern tools. Since competent personnel is key to offering high-quality customer support, we continuously invest in the training and competence development of our personnel.

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    Digital marketing at Solteq

    Digital marketing

    We help our customer companies succeed in digital marketing. Our areas of expertise in digital marketing include SEO advertising and optimization, online advertising and analytics, conversion optimizing as well as social media marketing. We are continuously looking for new digital marketing talents to join our growing company.

    See our open positions.