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    Why choose Solteq Connector for your integration platform

    Solteq Connector is an integration platform that makes it easier for various applications and systems to communicate and exchange data. With several ready-made integrations, it acts as a focal point for integrating different systems allowing businesses to streamline operations, boost productivity, and lower mistake rates.

    Seamless integrations

    Cost-efficient smart integration solution to combine both digital commerce and brick-and-mortar as a seamless entity.

    Integrations for omni-channel

    Solteq Connector is an integration solution that suits for all omni-channel resellers.

    Ready-made integrations for the most well-known platforms

    Ready and fool-proof connectors for most of the well-known ecommerce and marketing platforms.

    Integrations done smoothly

    Flexible architecture that enables smooth and rapid go-lives.

    Integrates to standard API’s

    Integrates and adjusts to standard API’s and interfaces of source and end systems.

    Integration monitoring and alerts

    Solteq Connector has built-in monitoring and alert functionality.

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