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    AI-powered Product Information Management | PIMScribe

    Our PIMScribe AI service produces thousands of inspiring product descriptions, marketing content and translations in 130+ languages

    AI-generated search engine optimized product descriptions sound facinating don't they, but how is it done?

    We have gathered the answers below.

    What is included in the service?

    Our AI service PIMScribe efficiently produces inspiring product and category descriptions as well as marketing texts for our Customers.

    • PIMScribe generates product data content for various sales and marketing purposes.
    • The content is mass produced for  hundreds to thousands of products at once.
    • The generated content is always search engine optimized (SEO).
    • Existing and AI produced content can also be translated into more than 130+ different languages.
    • Content is created with a customer-specific Tone of Voice and refined with  adjustments to each product information field.

    How does it work?

    • AI engine: OpenAI
    • Translations: OpenAI and Azure Translator Services
    • Environment: Azure, secure and customer specific
    • Quality: Positively surprising
    • Speed: Very fast. The average product mass can be processed in a few weeks.

    Who benefits?

    Companies with:
    • Lots of products or many product categories
    • Plenty of manual product updates
    • Low current product information quality
    • The need to improve search engine optimization
    • More product information management related tasks than personnel resources

    "Truly an amazing service!"

    PIMScribe Customer

    Use cases: How to use AI in Product Information Management?

    The PIMScribe service can be used in a variety of ways to improve product information content, from developing the employee and customer experience to increased traffic and sales.
    AI icon depicting the creation of content with artificial intelligence

    Creating content

    Incomplete product descriptions

    Insufficient or completely missing product descriptions are the main reason for using the PIMScribe service. Producing content is a time-consuming process. The PIMScribe service produces new sales-oriented and search engine-optimized product descriptions in record time.

    A typical situation can also be that SEO crucial metadata (data about data) is non-existent and for that PIMScribe is an excellent solution.

    Frequent updates

    Regularly updating product descriptions signals to search engines that the website is active and provides value to users. If the search engine constantly finds low-quality information on the site, it ranks the site lower in the search results.

    Search engine visibility can be improved with regular content updates. The speed and ease brought by the PIMScribe service shortens the content production process and enables an effective pace of updating product information.

    The intelligence icon represents the updating of content with artificial intelligence

    Updating content


    Fresh content does not always mean creating completely new content. Regular updating of existing content ensures the accuracy, relevance and usefulness of product information for visitors. This can be done by adding new information to existing product information or by changing the structure of the content.

    Seasonal relevance

    Some of the content is only relevant during certain seasons or events. Products and content related to seasons, holidays or special events becomes valuable during those times. Websites that update their content to reflect these seasonal trends may see better SEO performance.

    A gear and tools icon depicting the translation of content with artificial intelligence

    Translating content

    Ensure accessibility with more than 130 different language options

    With the PIMScribe AI service, we can translate product descriptions and product category descriptions into more than 130 different languages with unprecedented quality.

    The translation service brings a competitive advantage by ensuring market-specific product content. Companies competing in international markets gain competetitive advantage by communicating with Customers in their native language. Content produced in the target audience's native language shows a commitment to customer service and can differentiate a company from competitors who may not offer translated content.

    Translating product descriptions and other content improves a company's search engine optimization, as localized content helps products and sites rank higher in search results in different languages and areas.

    4 X PIMScribe benefits

    The biggest challenge with enriching product information is the slow process.


    PIMScribe can be used to create inspirational texts and product descriptions. It can quickly generate a large amount of high-quality content with minimal human input. PIMScribe is trained on vast amounts of text data and can generate human-like language with a high degree of accuracy.


    One of the key advantages of using PIMScribe over a human copywriter is speed. With PIMScribe, you can generate thousands of different product descriptions or marketing messages in a matter of seconds. This means that you can quickly test different messaging strategies without spending weeks or months waiting for a copywriter to produce the content.


    PIMScribe can also help to remove bias from the content creation process. Human writers can unknowingly bring their own biases and experiences into their writing, which can impact the tone and messaging of the content. By using PIMScribe, you can create content that is more objective and tailored to your target audience.


    A huge advantage with using PIMScribe for content creation is scalability. As your business grows and you need to create more content, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep up with demand using a traditional copywriting approach. PIMScribe can help to automate the process and allow you to scale your content production without sacrificing quality.

    The lamp filled with gears represents the PIMScribe AI service

    Designing product content with AI

    The PIMScribe AI content creation process begins by defining and specifying data requests together with our AI experts. 

    What is a data request?

    Data requests, or "prompts" in AI terminology, are requests, commands or tasks that we describe to the artificial intelligence to achieve the desired results.

    Each of the following are single data requests for specific product data fields. These are later further defined and designed.

    • Long product description
    • Short product description
    • Product category description
    • Product brand description
    • Google meta title
    • Google meta description
    • Keywords
    • TOP 5 features
    • Product use cases
    • The ALT text of the product image
    A rocket rising from a laptop depicting the PIMScribe AI service

    Define the request

    We can describe very precisely what we want the AI made product content to reflect in terms of structure and tone. Here are a few examples:

    • Restrictions, such as a character or word limit
    • Tone of Voice per category, market or audience

    To ensure successful search engine optimization, we can e.g. request the following:

    • Including a bullet point list in the product description
    • Different level headings (H1, H2, H3)
    • Moderate repetition of keywords
    What kind of product and marketing content needs came to your mind? Let's discuss them!

    Service content

    The PIMScribe AI service is fast and a blast, thanks to our efficient process.

    Week 1


    You can conveniently book an appointment with us from our online calendar. Is now a good time?


    We want to hear how your product data is doing and map out how we can best be of help. We'll present the content of the PIMScribe AI service, it's commercial benefits with practical examples and our references. After the meeting, you will have a clear picture of the possibilities of our amazing AI service and of us as your AI partner.


    Together, we plan the content of the service according to your needs. To be able to create an irresistible offer for you, we need the following information:

    • Number of data requests (for example, long product description + keywords = 2 data requests)
    • Number of products
    • Number of product categories
    • Number of translation languages (how many languages do you need the product data translated into)
    Getting ready

    We make calendar reservations for the next steps of the process. The PIMScribe AI service is produced as a 3-week efficient sprint.

    Week 2

    Kick-off, Workshop 1

    Off we go by designing data requests 

    The Kick-off and Workshop 1 event is essential to product management key personnel, as well as the necessary business experts. At the event:

    • Solteq's artificial intelligence team is introduced and we review the project schedule.
    • Data requests are planned together per product data field and the requirements for the AI are specified.

    Data intake

    Base product data and final data requests are received  

    The Customer prepares the existing product data to be used as the foundation for the PIMScribe AI service. The agreed on product mass is sent to Solteq as files for processing. As base product data, we accept all available commercial product information, such as:

    • Product name
    • Product category
    • Technical information
    • Warranty period
    • Existing product description

    PIMScribe produces fantastic content with very little base data. The more data is available, the more versatile and precise new marketing content can be created.
    Workshop 2

    Results review and adjustments

    The service includes one iteration round. During this session the data requests underneath the produced material can be modified to reflect an even more specific outcome.

    Week 3


    The new AI infused product data is imported into the target systems.


    Each Customer's product data validation process is unique. When a product information management system (PIM) is in use, a validation process can be built so that the system recognizes new data and then creates a approval request for the correct user roles or users to check certain fields before publication. Validating the product data is the Customer's responsibility. If necessary, the workload can be eased by outsourcing the validation work to a marketing partner.


    Vive la AI révolution, your stunning new product data is published! Thanks to PIMScribe AI produced content, the publication time of products is reduced, product information is high-quality, commercial and SEO friendly, elevating turnover and your customer experience to the next level.

    Why should you choose Solteq as your AI partner?



    Producing product descriptions and other product marketing content is the slowest and most expensive process of product enrichment. Our fast delivery time equals fully enriched product data published in sales channels and campaign materials in record time, without the usual waiting time for weeks or months.

    Search engine optimized and comprehensive product descriptions ensure plenty of traffic to the site and a high-quality customer experience.

    PIMScribe speeds up content creation, saves resources, improves search engine visibility, increases web traffic and effectively turns it into revenue.



    Sharing sensitive or secret information with an open artificial intelligence service can expose your company to privacy risks. Companies must ensure that data is handled securely to prevent data breaches.

    Language models can also analyze user interactions and target users with content or advertisements. Companies must be transparent about all profiling activities and ensure that they comply with data protection regulations related to user profiling.

    We at Solteq use a closed and secure Azure environment for our PIMScribe AI service carefully protecting all of our Customer's data.



    Our extensive experience in managing product information projects (14+ years) ensures your success. The PIMScribe service includes a developer specializing in artificial intelligence and a product information management consultant (PIM), guiding you in the data request planning process.

    Our team is composed of more than 50 experts specialized in product information management, from developers and architects to consultants and project managers.

    It is easy to trust our expertise - enjoy our service process and the high-quality end result.

    Aurora Wahl

    Your PIM and AI expert

    Aurora Wahl

    Lead Consultant

    +358 44 741 1111

    Book the time that suits you best:

    60-minute introduction of the PIMScribe AI service. Appointments can be booked on weekdays between 8 am and 4 pm. The booking calendar has been opened for three months ahead.

    If you cannot find a suitable time, you can contact Aurora directly by email or phone.