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    Solteq helped Nordenta streamline operations and enhance customer satisfaction

    Project background

    Nordenta, a prominent provider of dental products and services, sought an improved solution to streamline its operations and enhance customer satisfaction within the dental healthcare sector.

    This solution is tailored specifically to address challenges in inventory management, order processing, and client support—key areas that impact the efficiency and effectiveness of dental practices. By optimizing these critical business operations, Nordenta aims to ensure dental professionals can access the necessary tools and resources swiftly and smoothly, thereby improving the overall quality of dental care offered to patients.

    Previously, customers faced challenges when attempting to place orders using their mobile devices, resulting in a less-than-ideal user experience.

    Acknowledging the challenge of mobile ordering and the limitations of traditional search engines prompted the pursuit of innovative solutions.

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    Punchout Solution for Seamless Procurement:

    Recognizing the need for a streamlined purchasing experience, we devised a customized punchout solution for Nordenta. This solution not only simplified the procurement process but also seamlessly integrated with Nordenta's existing systems, ensuring a hassle-free experience for their customers.

    On-the-Go Ordering App:

    Understanding the importance of flexibility in today's fast-paced world, we developed a cutting-edge mobile app for Nordenta. This app empowered Nordenta's customers to place orders conveniently from their mobile devices, eliminating the constraints of traditional desktop setups. With a simple scan of the inventory, orders could be placed instantly, revolutionizing the way business was conducted.

    AI-Powered Search Engine by Clerk.IO:

    To enhance Nordenta's customer experience further, we implemented Clerk.IO's advanced AI-powered search engine. This transformative technology not only provided Nordenta with a more consistent search experience, but also personalized search results based on individual customer preferences and historical data. As a result, Nordenta's customers could find the products they needed with unparalleled ease and efficiency.

    “Thanks to the streamlined order processing and inventory management, we've noticed a substantial reduction in the time it takes to fulfill customer orders.”

    Kasper Brasch Daugaard, Webmaster at Nordenta

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    Driven by a need for innovative solutions

    The collaboration between Nordenta and Solteq began in 2021, following Nordenta’s decision to transition their online store’s support and development from another service provider to Solteq. This move was driven by a need for innovative solutions, including the development of a mobile application, to enhance their existing Dynamicweb online store. A key factor in Nordenta’s choice was the presence of a highly skilled developer within Solteq, who had prior experience working with Nordenta and a deep understanding of their specific requirements.

    Continuous support for Nordenta

    Since the initiation of the project, Solteq has provided continuous support for Nordenta, focusing on resolving operational issues, implementing enhancements, and introducing new services to improve the overall functionality and user experience of the online store. The relationship is marked by effective and regular communication, enabling quick resolution of challenges and ensuring a seamless workflow. This collaborative approach has been pivotal in achieving and maintaining the success of the project, allowing for ongoing adaptation to Nordenta’s evolving needs.

    “The enhancements in our online store have led to more efficient customer service, resulting in higher satisfaction rates among our clients.”

    Kasper Brasch Daugaard, Webmaster at Nordenta

    The project has yielded significant results for Nordenta

    Key Results:

    The project has yielded significant results for Nordenta, including a streamlined procurement process with a customized punchout solution, a convenient on-the-go ordering app, and an AI-powered search engine for personalized results.

    Benefits to Client's Stakeholders:

    These outcomes have enhanced user experience, operational efficiency, and customer satisfaction, benefiting both Nordenta and its stakeholders.


    The project introduces innovative solutions that advance e-commerce technology, offering consumers cutting-edge tools for smoother transactions and setting new industry standards.

    About Nordenta

    Nordenta is a premier provider of dental products, equipment, and services, catering to the needs of dental professionals across Scandinavia and beyond. Committed to excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction, Nordenta is dedicated to empowering dental practitioners with cutting-edge tools and technologies to deliver exceptional patient care.

    Since its establishment, Nordenta has been a trusted partner for dental practices, offering an extensive range of high-quality dental instruments, equipment, and consumables. From state-of-the-art digital imaging solutions to reliable dental materials, Nordenta provides the essential resources necessary for dental professionals to thrive in today's rapidly evolving healthcare environment.

    Beyond product offerings, Nordenta delivers a suite of services designed to support dental practices, including equipment maintenance, comprehensive training programs, and expert consulting. By blending industry expertise with a focus on personalized service, Nordenta is committed to being the go-to partner for dental professionals throughout their careers.

    As an innovative leader in the dental industry, Nordenta remains at the forefront of dental technology, continuously exploring new solutions to enhance patient outcomes and streamline practice workflows. With a steadfast dedication to excellence and a passion for advancing oral healthcare, Nordenta continues to set the benchmark for dental supply and service providers in the region.

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