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    Master Data Management

    Master Data Management is essential for utilizing business data

    Secure the trust and full utilization of your Business Data

    It is difficult to ignore the importance of data to a business. Reliable, consistent and up-to-date data is required for improving customer experience, supporting business decisions and reporting and ensuring compliance. Without master data management, many opportunities are missed or based on insufficient information.

    Data evolves over time

    Any data evolves over time – people change jobs, products are discontinued, offices move into new locations etc. Maintaining such business data takes an effort especially when the same business data is scattered over several systems and processes. The people who need the data in their everyday business don’t necessary have a 360 view of crucial data. And they should.

    Master Data Management

    Business data is ofter fragmented in enterprise architecture in several data sources, which all differ from each other. MDM is about collecting that data, cleansing, maintaining and enriching it and federating it to where the data is needed.

    Data is easily broken

    Information flows from a variety of sources and in many forms. For example, there is information on customers, deliveries, personnel, and portfolio. Data is scattered across different systems throughout the organization and thus is easily fragmented. Without tools and processes, the reliability, timeliness and accuracy of information are questionable.

    A view of the interior of a modern library with many books on the shelves


    Digitization naturally leads to data fragmentation. Without an information management strategy, many opportunities remain unfulfilled or decisions are based on insufficient information.

    Master Data Management takes care of your business data


    Build the golden record and provide a 360-view.



    No deviations or conflicts in the data.



    Data accuracy - data is timely, not outdated and valid.


    Data Format

    Format stays the same across the landscape.



    All the data needed is utilized.



    Changes in data are known and no unwarranted manipulation has taken place.



    No unwarranted duplicate records exist.

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