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    Adobe Commerce (Magento is now Adobe Commerce) | E-commerce platform

    As an official Adobe Commerce partner, we offer almost limitless opportunities for building your online store

    A cheerful red-haired woman in a white t-shirt is packing an order from the Adobe Commerce e-commerce store

    Adobe Commerce is the world's most popular e-commerce platform

    Adobe Commerce (Magento is now Adobe Commerce) is an extremely flexible and open platform that offers virtually limitless opportunities to build and expand your own online store. Finally, you can focus on the essentials, sales.

    Why choose Adobe Commerce and Solteq?

    We at Solteq are experts in digital commerce, and we tailor the Adobe Commerce online store to suit you and your customers best. We can start with a lighter solution and increase the functionality of the online store with add-ons.

    Adobe Commerce grows with your company

    Adobe Commerce is suitable for both small and large companies. It provides everything you could hope for from a modern online store. The system is easy to integrate with your company's sales background systems and the core of your business.

    Manage a multi-store environment from one place

    Adobe Commerce's multi-store environment allows you to manage several online stores through the same control panel. All the necessary information and functions are just a login away.

    Better customer experience

    Adobe Commerce's own online store search engine optimization tools make optimization extremely easy. In addition, each online store is fully responsive and offers the best user experience regardless of the device.

    A modern online store must adapt to customers' expectations and needs. With Adobe Commerce, you certainly won't fall off the wagon.

    Adobe Commerce benefits and features


    B2C and B2B E-commerce platform

    Suitable for both B2C and B2B trading from large to small companies.


    One system

    One system for all your online stores.



    Perfect integration with sales background systems.


    Standard features

    Extremely comprehensive standard features, almost unlimited expandability with add-ons.



    A fully responsive online store also serves on mobile devices.


    Search engine optimization for online stores

    Built-in search engine optimization tools.

    Mikko Hirvonen

    More information about Adobe Commerce

    Mikko Hirvonen

    Sales Director, Commerce & Data

    +358 40 550 9695