Supply Chain Management

    We forecast the supply chain needs and identify the deficiencies of our customers’ business

    The needs of a supply chain are forecasted, and the deficiencies identified

    Too often companies, regardless of the industry, do not have the necessary resources, means and tools to optimize their supply chain. At Solteq, the needs of a supply chain are forecasted, and the deficiencies identified. Significant financial savings are made with the consultation provided for the customers.

    Comprehensive service and analytics solutions

    Over the years, Solteq has conducted various analyzes for releasing working capital, created forecast-based inventory management and workforce planning solutions, and automated ordering functions. Comprehensive service solutions are provided for all of these areas.

    Strong industry expertise combined with system knowledge

    Solteq’s supply chain management experts have strong expertise in developing supply chains for electronics, food, wholesale, and retail industries. And there’s a strong track record of outstanding results. The industry expertise of Solteq is combined with an in-dept understanding of customers’ system architecture and the role it plays in managing the entity.

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    Antti Sillanpää

    Business Manager

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