Solteq Commerce Cloud | Point of Sales system for restaurants

    Increase sales in your restaurant, improve kitchen processes and delivery chains

    Solteq Commerce Cloud is a modern, cloud-based sales system for the restaurant sector.

    It combines cashier functions/cash register systems and the management of sales, orders, deliveries and product information. It also enables efficient control of core functions, such as kitchen processes. The solution is easy to use and to integrate into other systems. It also enables multichannel sales by collecting orders from various order channels directly into the kitchen for preration and to the point of sale. 

    Solteq Commerce Cloud cash register terminal.

    What is Solteq Commerce Cloud suitable for? 

    Solteq Commerce Cloud serves the needs of various types and sizes of restaurant sector businesses, ranging from single fast-food places to lunch restaurants and cafes, and also chain managed restaurants.

    The solution is simple, visual and intuitive, with everything controlled through a web browser. The solution supports various sales channels, such as traditional points of sale, a lightweight mobile POS, self-service kiosk and online shop. The appearance and UI (User Interface) as well as device management is controlled on a website.

    Solteq Commerce Cloud, thanks to its offline feature, is also a reliable solution for festivals, events and fairs.

    Solteq Commerce Cloud solution collects orders from various sales channels to a display in the kitchen for preparation. Status changes of the orders are updated to the customers for example via email or via customer displays at the restaurant.

    The solution’s back-end system supports centralized sales and control. The restaurant chain (even with multiple concepts within the chain) can manage product information, recipes, prices and more from the back-end system. Similarly, sales of each individual restaurant can be checked in real time from a single system. Sales data can be integrated from a centralized back-end system to an accounting system, saving time and reducing the possibility of errors.

    The restaurant owner puts out the pastries and looks at the weekly sales report on the tablet screen.

    Take full benefits from Solteq Commerce Cloud in your restaurant

    Improved customer experience

    Restaurant customers receive a uniform service experience regardless of the purchase channel and a chance to make purchases regardless of time.

    Improved restaurateur experience

    Enables the restaurateur to use multiple sales channels. All orders are stored and managed centrally.

    Savings in working hours

    The restaurant staff’s time is saved as the delivery chain’s various stages are linked to each other seamlessly.

    Error elimination

    The possibility of human error is reduced: information flows automatically from sales to the kitchen, reduring the possibility of human errors.

    Data to support decision-making

    You get real-time and centralized information to support your planning and decision-making (product information management, sales, inventory balances, etc.).

    The owner of the restaurant is talking on the phone, on the tablet screen there is a view of a sales per product category report on the checkout system.

    The entire business in a single view

    The solution gives the restaurateur a view of the entire business (sales, preparation, delivery) from a single location.

    Legal requirements met at all times

    The cash register system always meets the requirements of the local legislation. The cash register system offers real-time report straight from the back-end system, including payment method and VAT reports and sales.


    Visual user interface familiar to users of touch devices, making the system easy to learn and use.

    Continuous development and automatic updates

    Continuous development and automatically updated modern solution with a long life cycle ahead.

    Enables various payment methods

    Enables a variety of local payment methods.

    Grows as your business expands, also abroad

    As your business expands, the solution is easy to scale up. The solution enables expansion also abroad, as Commerce Cloud supports local requirements in the Nordic countries and northern Europe.

    The restaurant owner looks at the restaurant's online store balances on the phone screen.

    Additional sales from online – selling further than the brick-and-mortar restaurant’s immediate neighborhood

    According to a Finnish nationwide survey* we commissioned, only some 25 percent of restaurants provides customers with the option of ordering food online for home delivery or pick-up. This is despite 94 percent of restaurants having a website. So why not consider setting up an online shop for your restaurant and offer your customers an alternative channel?

    Solteq Commerce Cloud’s internal WebShop gives restaurants a quick, easy and inexpensive way to set up on online shop. Your customers can choose what to order and then decide whether they want delivery or pick-up, or have it ready when you arrive and eat it at the restaurant. The WebShop works on mobile devices, internet browsers, and supports the most common online payment methods. As WebShop is an integral part of the Solteq Commerce Cloud platform, product information and pictures about restaurant portions are easy to distribute in various sales channels, and to update centrally. As all the information is together in one place, it is also available in real time for reporting, for example.

    *) Survey on digitalization in the restaurant business (April 2021) N = 100. Survey carried out by Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences.

    Easy, effortless, and clear pricing. These were the main reasons why I chose Solteq Commerce Cloud. The deployment was quick, and the system is easy to use. In addition, Solteq provided the necessary equipment and payment terminals conveniently at a monthly fee. I can warmly recommend the Solteq Commerce Cloud solution.

    Jaakko Karujärvi | Lounasmatti Oy

    Solteq Commerce Cloud features

    Solteq Commerce Cloud is quick and secure to set up in the cloud service. Unlike in the past, you do not need any servers or pay one-time license fees. Solution can be taken into use with basic functionalities, including also support for the solution. As your business grows, additional features can be easily activated, including for example mobile gift cards and stock management.

    Default features

    Cash register system/cashier functions

    Supports various payment terminals, as well as mobile points of sale and self-service checkouts.

    POS reports and analytics

    The service includes POS reports for accounting, sales and daily reports, cashreport, and statistics. Time period can be chosen freely by day or month.

    Sales, orders and deliveries

    All easily seen in a single view. Time period can be chosen freely by day or month.

    Restaurant and store management

    The solution is suitable for businesses with one or more locations and also for chain managed businesses.

    Product information management

    Comprehensive support for product and service sales. You can use various units of measure, recipes, variants and package products.

    Recipe management

    Manage all recipes under Commerce Cloud.

    Integration with other systems

    Commerce Cloud can be integrated in a number of ways. It is easily integrated into online shops, accounting and other systems.

    Read more about Solteq Connector >


    Clear Pricing ranging from a single store to all channels.


    The cash register system always meets the requirements of the local legislation.


    Online shop

    Thinking about expanding your operations beyond your online shop? With Solteq Commerce Cloud, it’s easy.

    Read more about online shop >

    Inventory management

    Manage your inventories easily from one view. Inventory management easily also on your mobile device.


    Enables pre-order.

    Gift cards

    Enable gift cards as payment option.

    Kitchen processes

    Enables control of kitchen processes and streamlines the delivery chain.

    Solteq Commerce Cloud Mobile POS.

    Solteq Commerce Cloud Mobile POS

    On the sales channels front, we can offer traditional POS, self-service kiosks and online webshops. With the Mobile POS, we enable our customers to do sales truly regardless of time and place. Solteq Commerce Cloud Mobile POS can be integrated into a payment terminal or a smartphone.


    From order to processing, Solteq Commerce Cloud and its Order Engine offers a significant improvement when it comes to management, automation and optimization of all the steps from a customer places an order to the delivery of the order, regardless of the sales channel. Now, the ordering is no longer disconnected from processing which is again disconnected from delivery. Now, it is all gathered and connected in one unified system and solution.

    Solteq Commerce Cloud pricing

    Commerce Cloud cash register in tablet view.

    POS with own devices

    Use cloud-based Solteq Commerce Cloud POS solution with your own hardware.

    Starting from 69 €/month

    Solteq Commerce Cloud cash register.

    POS + Hardware

    Solteq Commerce Cloud with optimized hardware (Aures Yuno) as 3-year rental model.

    POS + Hardware starting from 128 €/month

    Solteq Cloud POS self-self service kiosk.

    Self-service POS kiosk

    Ensure additional sales with self-service solution in a POS kiosk

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