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    Point of Sales system (POS system) for retail | Solteq Commerce Cloud

    Channel-independent POS system for retail business

    Solteq Commerce Cloud is a modern, channel-independent sales solution for the retail business.

    The POS system supports the seamless integration of an online shop and a brick-and-mortar businesses, and contains all the features required for a modern retail business.

    Solteq Commerce Cloud checkout/point of sale (POS) system.

    What is Solteq Commerce Cloud POS system suitable for? 

    Solteq Commerce Cloud is suitable for all types of retail stores. The solution combines online shopping with the traditional brick-and-mortar seamlessly. Solteq Commerce Cloud contains its own WebShop solution, but also supports other eCommerce solutions if the requirements are more diverse.

    Solteq is an experienced supplier of specialty shops’ cash register system and online shops. Solteq is familiar with the sector and we have attempted to make it light and quick to set up, nevertheless providing a modern solution for small and medium-sized specialty shop owners. For larger chains, Solteq Commerce Cloud is well suited as a payment system, and can be easily integrated with an existing ERP system, for example. 

    Simple and intuitive system

    The POSsystem supports various sales channels, such as traditional points of sale, a lightweight mobile POS, self-service POS kiosk and online shop. The appearance and UI (User Interface) as well as device management are controlled on a web browser.

    Thanks to the offline feature, the solution is also ideal for various events and fairs.

    Specific requirements of various sectors of commerce, such as payment and cashing of sales orders, are widely supported, and information from a number of sales channels is stored in a single location, from which it can also be retrieved for reporting needs, for example.

    A specialist retailer working and planning the company's operations on a whiteboard.

    How you benefit from Solteq Commerce Cloud

    Improved customer experience

    Common customer experience by end customer regardless of the purchase channel.

    Inventory balances

    Up-to-date information about product inventories easily available to end customers (shop/online store).

    Data to support decision-making

    You get real-time and centralized information to support your planning and decision-making (product information management, sales, inventory balances, etc.).

    The entire business in a single view

    The solution enables you to view your entire business in a single location

    The store owner watches online store sales from a computer, with a tablet in front of the screen where there is a checkout system's weekly sales report.


    Visual user interface familiar to users of touch terminals, making the system easy to learn and use.

    Development work and automatic updates

    Continually developed and automatically updated modern solution with a long life cycle ahead.

    Enables various payment methods

    Enables a variety of local payment methods.

    Legal requirements met at all times

    The cash register system always meets the requirements of the local legislation. The cash register system offers real-time report straight from the back-end system, including payment method and VAT reports and sales.

    Grows as your business expands, also abroad

    As your business expands, the solution is easy to scale up. The solution enables expansion also abroad, as Commerce Cloud supports local requirements in the Nordic countries and northern Europe.

    The store owner shelves the products sold in the online store, a responsive online store on the phone screen.

    An online shop expands your customer base

    Combine your online shop easily and seamlessly to your brick-and-mortar business.

    An online shop connected with Solteq Commerce Cloud is extremely versatile, meeting international requirements. It can offer consumers an impressive digital window for the presentation, purchase and order of products. The online shop works on mobile devices, internet browsers, and supports the most common Finnish and international online payment methods. Because the online shop in integrated into the Solteq Commerce Cloud platform, the sales, price and inventory information are correct in all channels. 

    The features of Solteq Commerce Cloud POS system

    Solteq Commerce Cloud is quick and secure to set up in the cloud service. Unlike in the past, you do not need any servers or pay one-time license fees. Solution can be taken into use with basic functionalities, including also support for the solution. As your business grows, additional features can be easily activated, including for example mobile gift cards and stock management.

    Default features

    Cash register system/cashier functions

    Supports various payment terminals, as well as mobile points of sale and self-service checkouts.

    POS reports and analytics

    The service includes POS reports for accounting, sales and daily reports, cash register log, and statistics. Time period can be chosen freely by day or month.

    Tracking of sales and orders

    All easily seen in a single view. Time period can be chosen freely by day or month.

    Shop management

    The solution is suitable for businesses with one or more locations and also for chain businesses.

    Product information management

    Comprehensive support for product and service sales. You can use various units of measure, variants and package products.

    Integration with other systems

    Commerce Cloud can be integrated in a number of ways. It is easily integrated into online shops, accounting and other systems.

    Read more about Solteq Connector >


    Manage pricing easily from a single point to all channels.


    The cash register system’s back-end system can create an inventory with your mobile device.


    The cash register system always meets the requirements of the local legislation.


    Online shop

    Thinking about expanding your operations beyond your online shop? With Solteq Commerce Cloud, it’s easy.

    Read more about online shop >

    Inventory management

    Manage your inventories easily from one place. Make purchase orders and inventories easy also on your mobile device.


    Enabling pre-orders of products into a brick-and-mortar shop.

    Gift card

    Enable gift cards as payment option.


    Solteq Commerce Cloud tablet view.

    POS software for your own devices

    Use the cloud-based Solteq Commerce Cloud POS solution (with full functionalities) with your own hardware.

    Starting from 69 €/month

    Solteq Commerce Cloud Cash register.

    POS software + hardware

    Solteq Commerce Cloud POS software + hardware from our technology partners.

    Request pricing
    Mobile POS device.

    POS software for mobile device

    Use the cloud-based mobile version of Solteq Commerce Cloud with mobile devices.

    Starting from 39 €/month

    Solteq Commerce Cloud self-service kiosk.

    Self-service POS kiosk

    Ensure additional sales with self-service solution in a POS kiosk.

    Request pricing

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    Nazanin Besharatian

    Director, Solteq Software - Commerce Cloud

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