Solteq managers and their closely associated persons referred to in the Market Abuse Regulation ((EU) No 596/2014, ”MAR”) are requested to follow the below instructions for notifying transactions:

    Such notifications shall be made to Solteq and the FIN-FSA promptly and no later than three (3) business days after the date of the transaction!

    Instructions for filling the transaction notification form

    1. Please fill in the transaction notification form

    • The form is available here.
    • Information needed on the form:

    Solteq Plc's shares:

    LEI code of shares 743700HXWTM31ZHBXW13
    Shortname of shares SOLTEQ
    ISIN code of shares FI0009007991
    Notification reference of shares Generated automatically (no need to fill in)

    Solteq Plc's notes 2020:

    LEI-code of notes -
    Trading code of notes STQJ600024
    ISIN-code of notes FI4000442264
    Notification reference of notes Generated automatically (no need to fill in)

    2. Please send the filled form attached via e-mail

    • The filled form attached to an e-mail is sent to the Solteq and the Financial Supervisory Authority.
    • Sending to the Financial Supervisory Authority:

    After receiving notification of the transaction, Solteq publishes the transaction notification in a stock exchange release promptly after receipt of the notification and latest within two working days.

    Published notifications of transactions by managers and their closely associated persons can be read here.

    Further information

    Financial Supervisory Authority

    The file description for managers’ and their closely associated persons’ transactions is available here.