HR, marketing and communications, financial management and IT are important support functions for the Solteq group. In these teams, versatile development projects, collaboration between different business functions and stakeholders, and the opportunity to create a career in a growth company that is becoming more and more international make daily work interesting and rewarding.

    The typical career length at Solteq is 6–10 years. That is already saying something. Solteq’s employees like each other and help out a friend in need. Solteq’s focus on growth and development make the work future-oriented and versatile. For this reason, our work community has room for both more seasoned staff members and promising young talent – we have suitably challenging roles for everyone. A typical Solteq employee values flexibility in working hours, a relaxed atmosphere as well as customers and colleagues. And, quite a few appreciate the opportunity to learn from the best in the industry.

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    Our HR team consists of professionals, committed to making the everyday life of Solteqians as smooth and comfortable as possible. The tasks range from projects focusing on the development of corporate culture and employer image to hands-on recruitment.

    Open positions in HR:

    If you are looking for a career in HR, you can also approach us directly - ask Oona for more information.

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    Marketing and communications

    The Group's marketing and communications team focuses on supporting various business functions for example in content production, event organizing, and digital marketing. Group communications covers both external and internal communications in various market areas.

    Open positions in marketing and communications:

    If you are looking for a career in marketing and communications, you can also approach us directly - ask Christa for more information.

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    Financial administration

    It is the financial administration team’s responsibility to keep the company’s financial matters in order and produce timely, necessary information to support the business decisions. Financial administration is also responsible the company’s financing. In financial administration, the tasks are related to, for example, budgeting, the company’s payment transactions, interaction with the authorities as well as accounting, group accounting and external reporting.

    Open positions in financial administration:

    If you are looking for a career in financial administration, you can also approach us directly - ask Kari for more information.

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    Information management

    The IT team is responsible for developing and maintaining a secure IT architecture that meets the demands of various business functions in collaboration with subcontractors. The continuous development of data security is of particular importance. Solteq’s IT services are ISO/IEC 27001 certified.

    Open positions in information management:

    If you are looking for a career in information management, you can also approach us directly - ask Perttu for more information.

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    Oona Silén

    VP - People and Culture

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    Marketing and communications

    Christa Tavan

    Director of Communications and Marketing

    +358 50 527 6127

    Financial management

    Kari Lehtosalo


    +358 40 701 0338

    Information management

    Perttu Kulmala

    Director, IT

    +358 40 581 9073