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    Headless CMS

    Headless CMS brings one place for all the content to be used everywhere needed

    Headless content management

    A fast-paced media landscape with multiple used technologies requires scalable and efficient content management tools. One place for all the content to be used everywhere needed.

    Update content in one place and it’s visible in every channel and every language needed. Consumers expect an easy, fast, and personalized experience in digital channels, and we can deliver that with flexible and scalable headless cms and microservice architectures.

    Headless cms allows the content creation and front-end presentation to be separate leading to more efficient content management and better customer experience. Pre-designed and re-usable content models empower more structural ways to use the content keeping the experience still personalized but consistent.

    Composable content is driven by omnichannel customer journeys where we need to keep the customer experience united, content up to date, personalized, and localized. Headless cms is the solution to achieve all of that and yet keep content management, creation, and updates efficient.

    Headless cms is used widely in different kinds of businesses. In global omnichannel business, the advantages are clearly in easier, localized, and more efficient content management. Also, you are secure that content is up to date in every channel and quickly updated. In e-commerce, you can take a new standpoint on investing in composable commerce. Separating front-end and back-end you have much more flexibility on the features, integrated services, and customization of UI than before. You can complement your existing overall with headless cms or build the whole front from scratch. Options to personalize customer experience are also a clear benefit in headless cms. Engage customers in more relevant messages and leverage the experience in your channels.

    A big plus of using headless cms is also cost. Content creation is separate from front-end or back-end development, so they can be redesigned much easier than by using traditional cms. Also, headless cms being more developer-friendly, time spent in the development decreases and new sites or layouts can be reused more than before.

    Illustration of Headless CMS technologies

    Headless CMS technologies

    We use the top-notch technologies in our headless architectures, but the most common combination is Contentful and Gatsby for the cms, and front-end is included with Frosmo for personalization. Such a combination is a very good starting point in the headless journey that easily gives you the most obvious advantages.

    Our Solteq team is ready to help you choose the perfect tech-stack for your needs.

    CMS Technologies



    Liferay, Cloudinary & Solteq Connector


    CMS, CDN, DAM, DXP, CRM*, Analytics & eCom

    Key Benefits

    One platform for most needs
    Built-in external services
    Flat eCom license cost


    Higher initial cost
    3 year base contract
    Service licenses needed at start

    Composable Commerce


    Contentful, Magento, commercetools, Cloudinary, Gredi & Solteq Connector


    CMS, CDN, DAM, eCom & Publishing Automation

    Key Benefits

    Lower initial cost
    Quick & agile development
    Flexible & scaling contracts


    Scaling eCom license cost
    Many integrations needed
    Multiple licenses needed

    Benefits of using Headless CMS

    Illustration of a man working with Headless CMS website

    Technologies in use


    Contentful is the leading composable content platform. It is taking the API-first approach to offer scalable technology and usage of top-of-breed technologies. Contentful orchestrates your content from all the needed sources and publishes it in all digital channels.


    With Gatsby, developers can build faster and more secure websites. It uses a React-based framework and innovative data layer to ensure the simplest integrations and scalability in faster deployment.

    Netlify CMS

    Netlify is a production-ready environment from the start. It is used for building highly performant and dynamic websites, e-commerce stores, and web applications. It can unite a wide range of services into one workflow to ensure better team productivity.


    Next js is React based, open-source web development framework. It enables developers to create full-stack web applications with React and integrate different JavaScript tooling for faster builds.

    Benefits of Headless CMS for different stakeholders

    Topic level benefits pushed to more detailed descriptions from different stakeholder perspective.

    Marketing team

    Collaborative and more effective

    You can create different access types for different stakeholders. Already created content types are re-usable for different businesses or brands within your organization.

    Concentration only on the content, not the design

    Content creation is separated from the front-end layout. When creating or updating content, you don´t have to worry about the design or output which makes content creation much more efficient and easier.

    SEO friendly

    With built-in SEO content fields you ensure your content is always properly structured. Using headless cms also guarantees fast page load times which we know search engines love.

    Content creation and updates only in one place

    You only have one place for all your content. When content is created or updated, it will be visible in every channel attached with one click. Once you create the content model and add content, it can be used everywhere you like.

    Quick content A/B testing

    Randomly showing different versions of content or website to visitors is very easy with headless cms. When content management and presentation of content are easily modified, you can spare time also for A/B testing. It´s a powerful way to optimize the website and boost the conversion rates.

    Easy to add different languages

    Just define what languages you need to use, and they will be added to your content models. You´ll find all the languages below the other so it´s easy to update every needed version. Languages are easy to remove and add new ones.

    ICT team

    TCO total cost of ownership

    Being fast time-to-market technology, TCO is also more favourable related to traditional cms. You only pay for the services and features you need now which brings license fees lower. Development is faster and content management more structured. Usually, the most time spared with headless cms is operative work for developers and content producers.

    Composable commerce

    With composable architecture you can select the best-of-breed components and services for your needs. Separated front-end and back-end gives you the flexibility you need in a quickly changing media landscape. Composable commerce is chosen strategy also to serve your customers the best way in the future.

    Front-end freely designable and modified

    Separating the presentation of the content from creating it gives you the kind of freedom traditional cms cannot offer. You can choose the elements, features and experience that fits your needs the best at current times. For different businesses or brands, you can create unique experiences easily and quickly.

    Headless approach

    Headless cms gives you the independency to integrate chosen technologies. You can add or remove services easily when requirements change and deliver always the best possible customer experience.

    Easily renewable tech stack

    You can use the best technologies available and it´s easy to add or remove technologies from your stack. You are not limited to monolith solutions where you possibly pay for the features not in use. Pick the cherries from the cake!

    Pre-designed content models

    Once you do the work, you don´t have to do it again. Once you design and create the content models, they can be used anywhere seamlessly.

    Business owners

    Faster time-to-market for new products

    Using already-built content models to replicate and reusing content makes building websites even faster. With component syncing, you can easily scale once-placed content to be displayed on multiple pages and channels.

    More sales

    With headless cms you can create a personalized experience that undoubtedly generates more leads and more satisfied customers. Uniquely tailored experiences online are the perfect way to engage customers better, decrease marketing efforts and increase sales.

    Business partner content access

    Grant role-based accesses to content management tool and secure the content. While cms hosts all the content for all your brands, you can decide what content cms users can find and edit. You can grant access to different business partners without the stress of content getting in the wrong hands.

    Easy front-end development based on business needs

    Customize the experience for every business while using the existing content and content models. Content creators can work in cms while designers and developers create unique front-end presentations for each brand. Getting flexibility while being efficient.

    Easily re-usable content models

    Every business doesn´t need to invent the wheel again. Once you have created the content models, they are re-usable by any of your businesses. You can combine using existing and for you tailored content models to gain more efficient content management. While content models are the same, presentation doesn´t have to be. You can freely design the layout to fit your business needs.


    Faster browsing

    Faster browsing is a competitive advantage when customers decide which websites they use. Whether they are browsing with a computer or mobile device, they get an up-to-date experience. It is known that pages that are fast and easy to use attract more customers and offer a better customer experience.

    Unified experience

    Customers value that the experience is unified in every channel they use the services in. Content needs to be updated and solid, all the necessary information within reach and the whole experience must meet each other.

    Personalized experience

    Customers getting the relevant message delivered to them at the right time in every touchpoint, brings them closer to the brand.  Customers get more engaged, and they get served in a unique, more effective way. Personalization is to deliver the relevant message at the right time at every touchpoint in your customer journey. Doing so will make customers even more loyal to your brand and services.

    Why Solteq?

    We at Solteq have wide experience in delivering hybrid solutions to meet even the most unique needs. For us, it comes naturally to work in multi-skilled teams where headless solutions are built even for the most complex businesses. Coordinating and designing different kinds of composable content solutions is our expertise and we excel especially when producing functional sites. We have an exceptionally deep understanding of the content production processes but also combine it all together with business and technical needs.

    Group of people celebrating and raising a toast

    Case Anora

    Anora, a Nordic brand house for wine and spirits, set out to implement an extensive omnichannel project with Solteq. Updated online service selection and modern product information management support the company’s business comprehensively.

    At the first stage of the omnichannel project, the existing online service selection of Anora, previously known as Altia, was modernized. Having a modern platform for its digital services is important for Anora Group’s business, as it combines the online store, content management and product information management capabilities.

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