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    Order Management & Supply Chain Management

    Order Management & Supply Chain Management is the heart of omnichannel commerce

    Order & Supply Chain Management

    Both order and supply chain management are equally important in omnichannel commerce, as they seamlessly bring together the functions of brick-and-mortar and eCommerce. They have a huge impact on the realization of the customer promise as well.

    Key metrics for customer experience

    In a digital environment, the momentum of the customer experience takes place after the order button is pressed. A promise to the customer has been made and must be kept.

    Order and delivery management begins from the end-customer’s perspective when product availability is reviewed, and an order is placed. The process continues until the customer has received the product or service and made the decision whether or not to keep the ordered item.

    Well-designed order and delivery management enhances customer experience

    Order management plays a major role in creating a seamless customer experience in omnichannel environment. Centralized availability information can provide customers with an enjoyable omnichannel experience. The management system supports sales, delivery and return processes efficiently. Also, businesses have up-to-date information on the locations of the products as well as their stock status. In addition, order and delivery management enable a faster life-cycle and appropriate pricing for products.

    Omnichannel business creates a good customer experience, strengthens customer loyalty and increases sales

    The ordering phase has the opportunity to strengthen the customer experience. Once a an order is placed, a customer may wish to receive email notifications about the shipping progress and for contacting the customer service during the delivery process.

    Order management consists of real-time inventory shipment, direct shipment, in-store picking, or even marketplace information.

    Order management distributes the order according to the logistics models, guides the optimal delivery and is responsible for execution of the process. All information regarding deliveries can be found in one central location. This results in higher profitability and customer satisfaction.

    Efficient order & supply chain management helps fulfill your customer promises and strengthens the customer experience.

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    With Order Management & Supply Chain Management:


    You ensure a good customer experience by providing transparency about the progress of the delivery.


    You enable omnichannel shopping by combining the opportunities of brick-and-mortar and online sales.


    You ensure the service capacity of customer service by providing user-friendly tools for processing online orders.


    You manage the real-time availability of the entire product range of your company.


    You enable the automatic and continuous optimization of deliveries.

    Delivery guy handing over a package

    Adapt easily to changes

    The requirements for a seamless purchase journey, both from consumer and business customers, are evolving at an accelerating pace. With an easily customizable order management system, you can keep up with the changing operating environment. You serve your customers better and faster than your competitors. By increasing the level of automation and digitalization in processing, you won't excessively burden your staff during peak seasons.

    With a technically agile order management system, you can overcome the possible technical limitations of the current system and meet even the most complex order-to-delivery chain requirements. You can make the most of your existing investments without an immediate need for major warehouse or enterprise resource planning system overhauls or customization projects.

    Minimize costs

    By consolidating inventory balances into a single system from multiple locations and systems, you can accurately identify turnover rates by branch, product category, and specific products, allowing you to fine-tune replenishment cycles. By utilizing inventory from other locations to support the entire supply chain, you can reduce safety stock levels at central warehouses and reallocate capital tied up in inventory for other purposes.

    With intelligent control of delivery methods and routes, you can offer your customers multiple options based on their needs— whether they prefer faster, more ecologically friendly, or more cost-effective deliveries. By tracking order picking, packaging, and shipping costs, you can easily assess the actual profitability of each shipment as soon as it is delivered.

    Overcome the challenges of the order chain

    Flexibility and efficiency in order management.

    Inventory status

    A centralized, real-time view of product availability across the entire company, extending even to supplier and retailer networks or storage partner inventories.


    Optimized deliveries

    The system tracks inventory balances and availabilities on your behalf and directs orders to be delivered from the locations or warehouses with stock and the lowest shipping costs to the destination.


    Involve stores in the supply chain easily

    Ready-to-use tools for stores, enabling you to easily implement click & collect, in-store shipping, and product returns or exchanges at any location.


    Automated order management

    Easily model your order-to-delivery process and create automated workflows based on the specific rules your business needs to grow


    Lighten the load of customer service

    Set up the order management system to automatically notify the customer about different processing stages and potential schedule changes in delivery, or provide your customers with an easy self-service tool to check the status online.


    Enhance your current system environment

    Streamline and facilitate internal processes in your company by gathering order and inventory data from your other systems, automating processing stages, and feeding necessary information back to the target systems.

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