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    Solutions for the automotive industry

    Comprehensive solutions for the automotive sales and after-sales services

    Solutions for the automotive industry

    Solteq offers modern cloud-based systems to support the developing operations of the automotive industry. We provide efficient solutions for dealership management (DMS) and digital customer engagement.

    Modern cloud-based systems to support the evolving automotive businessses

    Automotive business is undergoing a major transformation. The winners in the market are those dealers that are able to adapt to today's demands and provide the best customer experience, also in the digital world. Solteq provides solutions for both streamlined back-end processes and multichannel customer service.

    Unified customer experience in all channels

    Car sales and after-sales activities have traditionally been two separate functions. However, the customer expects to deal with one company, no matter of function or process. The same information about the customer and the vehicle must be available in all systems and customer encounters. The touchpoints of digital services must provide the customer with a consistent experience.

    Solteq’s answer to this is the Smart Dealer concept, which provides the full functionality for the automotive ERP (DMS) needs.

    Why Solteq?

    • Solteq's long experience in the industry and continuous development of solutions guarantee our customers always up-to-date and modern solutions for the needs of vehicle sales.
    • Solteq's development, operations and decision-making are all in the Nordics, and through this we ensure continuous two-way customer cooperation.
    • Solteq invests in customer cooperation, collects feedback from customers and develops services to meet the needs of our local customers.

    Solteq's history at the forefront of the development of automotive solutions

    Solteq's history as a system supplier in the vehicle sales and after sales goes all the way back to the early 1990s. Today, Solteq is a forerunner in car dealership solutions. Solteq invests in the development of modern, cloud-based solutions.


    CD400 system launched


    Introduction of the eCar/Duett system


    Introduction of the SqAs system


    Solteq WebService is launched

    Solteq WebService, a modern after-sales ERP system/DMS, is launched. Read more about Solteq WebService >


    Smart Dealer is launched

    Based on the Alma collaboration, Smart Dealer, a cloud-based system entity is created. It consists of Solteq's after-sales system Solteq WebService and Alma Ajo's vehicle sales solution WebSales.

    Learn more about Smart Dealer >

    Solteq's position as a provider of comprehensive ERP/DMS for the car trade will be strengthened.

    The 2020s

    The forerunner in vehicle sales solutions

    Today, Solteq invests heavily in the automotive industry. We develop modern vehicle sales and after-sales solutions that support the transforming and evolving operating environment of a car dealership.


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