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    Loyalty and Gift Card

    Solteq Gift Card is delivered with as a SaaS model. It allows businesses to use both physical and digital gift cards.

    Solteq Gift Card

    Solteq Gift Card is delivered with the SaaS model. It allows businesses to use both physical and digital gift cards. Solteq Gift Card is a versatile and hassle-free solution that integrates with various online stores, cash register systems and payment terminals.

    Why choose Solteq Gift Card? 

    Solteq Gift Card is in use at some of the largest retail chains in Finland. It is widely used in the tourism industry as well. Solteq handles more than 1.5 million gift cards a year.

    Gift cards not only bring in more customers, they also increase sales and strengthen customer loyalty:

    • 10% of gift card recipients have no prior experience of the brand
    • Gift card recipients are more likely to visit the store
    • 2/3 of gift card recipients spend 40% more than the value of the gift card
    • Some gift card recipients don’t use the entire value on the gift card, which increases the profit margin of the gift card
    • Gift cards are great reminders of a brand
    • A gift card is a desired gift and allows versatile consuming

    Solteq’s gift card service supports multiple retail chains. It is well suited for consuming both online and offline.

    Solteq’s gift card solution is compatible with gift certificate and e-value regulations, accounting law and GDPR.

    Solteq Gift Card – Product benefits & features:

    • Physical and / or mobile card
    • The card can contain value, services or products 
    • Purchase and use at online and offline
    • Improves customer service and loyalty
    • Easy to use and improves the efficiency of operations
    • Partial use is also possible
    • Important for purchase path optimization

    Solteq Loyalty

    Loyal customers purchase up to 26 times more than other customers. Solteq Loyalty provides an individual and consistent customer experience across the channels.

    SaaS service with a fixed pricing

    Solteq Loyalty is an easy-to-use SaaS service with fixed pricing. The service pools together information on loyal customers from various sources allowing a comprehensive view to the customer information.

    The solution gathers data on e.g. eCommerce, ERP, cash register systems, and marketing tools. Customer feedback, marketing communications, purchase history, customer information updates, interests, customer categories, campaigns, and customer survey results are recorded and utilized in real time throughout the system. As companies gain better understanding of their customers, customer loyalty will follow.

    Solteq Loyalty includes tools for:

    • Identifying, reaching, and engaging customers
    • Building better customer understanding and visibility
    • Utilizing customer information for business purposes
    • Customer segmentation and analysis
    • Targeted and personalized marketing
    • Increasing interaction
    • Expanding active loyal customer base
    • Increasing loyalty among occasional customers
    • Turning potential capital into profit
    • Automating and optimizing customer service routines
    • Gaining a competitive edge

    Customer information management

    With a sophisticated solution such as Solteq Loyalty, customers can be truly known and profiled accurately. Based on customers’ purchase history and interests, they can be rewarded accurately. Bonuses strengthen the relationship with a loyal customer even further. Parallel loyalty cards help to centralize the consumption and benefit from the loyalty program more efficiently.

    Comprehensive loyal customer data makes it easy and effortless to plan campaigns. Customers can be segmented, and marketing implemented using multiple channels based on the data. The analytics and reporting capabilities enable evaluation of customer profitability, loyalty trends, and campaign effectiveness. Solteq Loyalty allows companies to deep-dive into their loyalty programs and identify areas for improvement.


    • Over 2 million active loyal customers every month
    • Over 15 different loyalty programs
    • Over 100k emails a month
    • More than 2 million email clicks a year
    • Loyal customers purchase up to 26 times more than regular customers
    • Possibility to implement an international solution

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