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    Accessibility As A Service

    Accessibility Service ensures your digital assets comply with EAA regulations

    Accessibility Service

    If you service end-users via digital channels or sell products online, you must comply with the European Accessibility Act by June 2025. Though it may seem far off, the deadline is fast approaching considering the time needed for multiple rounds of testing and development.


    What is The European Accessibility Act (EAA)?

    The European Accessibility Act (EAA) is a directive aimed at ensuring the full participation of people with disabilities in society. It provides a common EU definition and implementation framework for accessibility requirements in certain products and services. The EAA will significantly impact industries operating within the EU, requiring them to ensure accessibility in their products and services, including for example eCommerce and banking. Companies must ensure that their products and services are accessible to people with disabilities. This includes electronic devices, software, websites, mobile apps, and more.


    So, how can Solteq help you?

    Simple, we apply our proven framework service! 

    Ensuring your digital products and services are accessible without losing functionality requires immediate action.

    Our Accessibility Service is provided using a proven framework, to ensure your digital assets both comply with The European Accessibility Act regulations and offer the best customer experience for all your existing and prospective customers. 

    Ensuring your eCommerce website meets EAA Accessibility regulation seems obvious, but with changing WCAG/ WAI-ARIA guidelines and complex design and integrations, achieving compliance can be a costly and time-consuming challenge.

    What is included in the Accessibility Service?

    Number one

    Accessibility Audit

    Comprehensive accessibility evaluation of your digital services to build solid foundations for compliancy and inclusivity.

    Number two

    Continuous Evaluation

    Continuous, human-driven service to ensure compliancy and to avoid the decay of accessibility during digital service’s in-life phase.

    Number three

    Accessibility Automation

    Consistent, automated monitoring of the accessibility of your digital services, with cost conscious value-driven approach.

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    Act now!

    The EAA have stated a deadline of 25th June 2025 for all websites to meet compliance standards.

    Who benefits?

    All companies with:

    • eCommerce websites
    • Informational or brochureware websites

    How can you start?

    Contact Solteq here to setup a no obligation first meeting, where we will take you through the Accessibility Service offering and streamline your route to EAA compliance.

    4x Accessibility Service benefits

    The business value seems obvious, however there is so much more value to improving accessibility than compliance risk mitigation.

    EAA Compliance

    The simple fact that meeting the compliance standards set ensures your business can continue to serve your customers without the impact of severe fines and brand reputation.

    Customer Experience

    An EAA compliant site is a site that works well for all customers. In a competitive world, ensuring excellent CX has many long-term business benefits, specifically customer loyalty.

    Customer Acquisition & Enablement

    An estimated 96% of all web pages visited have Accessibility issues. By investing in Accessibility your digital assets will perform better and be usable by more customers. This increases your userbase, supporting growth through equality.

    Design automation

    Choosing Solteq enables you to introduce Accessibility automation into design. By adding Accessibility into your build processes, removes the manual overhead and added risk of becoming non-compliant.

    Service content

    The Accessibility service is structured and proven, thanks to our efficient process.

    Week 1


    You can conveniently book an appointment with us from our online calendar. Is now a good time?


    We want to hear about your website so we can be of best help. We will present the Accessibility service, recommended scope for the initial audit, expected project timescales and our references.


    Together, we plan the content of the service according to your needs. To be able to create an irresistible offer for you, we need the following information:

    • Pages of interest (for example; Landing, Category, Product, Checkout and Account pages)
    • Number of domains
    • Testing and QA processes
    Getting ready

    We make calendar reservations for the next steps of the process. The Accessibility service is produced as a 3-week efficient sprint.

    Week 2

    Kick-off workshop

    Your website, your knowledge + our expertise

    The Kick-off and Workshop 1 event is essential to product management key personnel, as well as the necessary business experts.

    At the event:

    • Solteq’s Accessibility team is introduced, and we review the project schedule.
    • Scope of work is planned together, domains / pages for the initial Accessibility Audit review are specified.

    The service kicks-in!

    Initial Accessibility Audit is conducted by our experts on the specified domains and pages.

    Results workshop 1

    Results review and recommendations

    The service includes one iteration round. During this session the prioritised findings are discussed in detail and recommended corrective actions and timescales agreed.

    As changes are required to address most Accessibility issues, a date for the next Audit iteration is agreed by customer and Solteq.

    Week 3

    Audit 2

    Your website, your knowledge + our expertise

    Second audit performed on the agreed changes made, typically in a pre-production environment.

    Results workshop 2

    Results review and recommendations 2

    During this session updated prioritised findings are discussed in detail and recommended corrective actions. Any additional findings will be prioritised against outstanding requirements.

    Ongoing service provisioning

    Automation & QA assurance = minimum effort and maximum advantage

    Following workshop 2 we will have an audited trail of performed and required changes. This can be fed into Solteq’s ongoing Accessibility service, where we:

    • Design a plan to introduce automated delivery pipeline Accessibility checks and actionable alerts
    • Perform monthly manual audits on pages within scope
    • Support your team with changes to WCAG and WAI-ARIA guidelines on agreed level
    • Introduce human testers to support real world Accessibility optimisations
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