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    Key information about shareholders.

    The charts state the distribution of our shares and our major shareholders.

    Share capital and history

    Solteq Plc’s equity is 1,009,154.17 euros which is represented by 19,396,501 shares. The shares have no nominal value. All shares have an equal entitlement to dividends and company assets. Shares are governed by a redemption clause. All of the values on the chart state the share capital and amount on the last day of every fiscal year (31.12.). The share capital unit is euros.

    Year Share capital Amount of shares Description
    2022 1,009,154.17 19,396,501 Unchanged
    2021 1,009,154.17 19,396,501 As part of business acquisition executed on 1.3.2021, a directed share issue of 89.974 new shares was directed to Partiture Oy.
    2020 1,009,154.17 19,306,527 Unchanged
    2019 1,009,154.17 19,306,527 Unchanged
    2018 1,009,154.17 19,306,527 As part of acquisition of TM Holding A/S, a directed share issue of 628.930 new shares was directed to the Theilgaard Mortensen Holding ApS, owner of the TM Holding A/S.
    2017 1,009,154.17 18,677,597 As part of the directed share issue to the employees, a total of 205.576 shares were issued. Directed share issue of 400.000 shares to Olli Väätäinen, CEO. 339.533 shares owned by the company were invalidated. Directed share issue of 613.495 shares to the shareholders of the acquired inPulse Works Ltd.
    2016 1,009,154.17 17,798,059 Unchanged
    2015 1,009,154.17 17,798,059 As part of the Descom acquisition, a directed share issue was directed to the shareholders of Descom Group. A total of 2,799,998 new shares of  were issued.
    2014 1,009,154.17 14,998,061 Unchanged
    2013 1,009,154.17 14,998,061 Unchanged
    2012 1,009,154.17 14,998,061 The increase in the amount of shares during the review period is related to the directed issue of shares carried out on 20 March 2012, in which 2.849.632 new shares were subscribed. The subscription price of the shares was entered entirely into the invested unrestricted equity fund.
    2007 1,009,154.17 12,148,429 Unchanged


    Own shares

    Reserve for own shares consists of acquisition cost of own shares acquired by the group. At the end of the financial year Solteq Plc had 0 own shares in its possession.