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    The latest innovations of machine learning and robotics as customized packages and continuous service

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    Solteq Robotics offering

    Robotics innovations delivered to customers as customized packages & continuous service

    Solteq Plc is fully independent in design and production of autonomous service robots. These new types of robots combine benefits of artificial intelligence, machine vision and machine learning.

    Our differentiation is based on combining Retail industry knowledge, IT integration expertise, and robotics & machine vision & artificial intelligence into an integrated Robotics as a Services offering. Many of our competitors are focused on robotics & machine vision & artificial intelligence play standalone.

    Our robots enhance business operations, improve occupational ergonomics, provide movable point-of-commerce and for example release employees' time for more demanding tasks. Relevant environments include retail spaces, logistical facilities and large buildings such as hospitals.

    At present, Solteq Robotics family includes three different robots providing significant improvement for inventory practices, indoor logistics and self-service.

    Latest Solteq innovations on robotics, delivered to customers as customized packages & continuous service.

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