Service design

We design the best possible user experience for your customers by utilising diverse data and our own expertise.

Competitive advantages through successful user and customer experiences

Customer orientation is an essential part of our operating model, which means that we can design the best possible user experience for your company’s services. Our experts will ensure that digital services attract users and provide smooth service to your customers.

Serving business objectives and end users

We approach service design from the perspective of business development, adding insights from end-users and diverse data. Our tool box includes expert analyses, usability testing and surveys, which enable us to identify sales-related hindrances and obstacles. The scope of our service design also covers customer encounters at brick and mortar stores.

From planning to implementation

We work in multi-professional teams in order to find the best possible solutions that support our customers’ needs and business objectives. Our service designers work side-by-side with our implementers throughout the entire implementation project. This ensures excellent customer experience and the high-quality of technological implementation.

Service design contact

Juha Vuohelainen

Director, Operations and Development