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    Koillis-Satakunnan Sähkö

    Solteq Electricity Trade helps the daily life of a small electricity sales company

    Pirttikoski power plant.

    The most important parts of Solteq Electricity Trade for Koillis-Satakunnan Sähkö are sales forecasting, budgeting, risk management, and the pricing of dynamic B2B-contracts. "The solution helps us stay up to date. We are able to see our own sales portfolio in the current market situation, and make forecasts and plans accordingly,” says Sales Manager Aarne Haikonen at Koillis-Satakunnan Sähkö.

    Dam in the Pirttikoski power plant.

    “We use Solteq Electricity Trade every day. The solution has been really useful in this challenging market situation, as it allows us to see the changes in our sales forecasts,” states Haikonen. "In addition, we get information faster and easier if a customer switches from one product to another, and we can analyze the impact."

    Koillis-Satakunnan Sähkö has a small sales organization. The control and administration of electricity sales has been the responsibility of one single person and sales have been monitored in Excel. With Solteq Electricity Trade it was possible to get rid of the Excel sheets and at the same time transfer the data to one place, accessible to several people. Meetings no longer need to be prepared as things are viewed directly from the system. Haikonen's retirement accelerated the acquisition, but sooner or later it would have been inevitable: "It started to be on the verge of becoming impossible to maintain and took an unreasonable amount of time."

    Changes in pricing mechanisms and practices are expected to happen, and new contract and trading models are inevitably coming. The changes will bring challenges to the industry as well as to software and digital services. “Increasing expectations are being placed on the ability of the Solteq Electricity Trade to meet these challenges as the market evolves. However, I believe that the solution can follow the market development very well and there is a long, shared path ahead,” Haikonen says.

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    “We use Solteq Electricity Trade every day. The solution has been really useful in this challenging market situation, as it allows us to see the changes in our sales forecasts.”

    Aarne Haikonen, Sales Manager, Koillis-Satakunnan Sähkö

    The logo of Koillis-Satakunnan Sähkö.

    Koillis-Satakunnan Sähkö

    Koillis-Satakunnan Sähkö sells and supplies electricity and related services. The energy company's strengths are a secure distribution network, state-of-the-art grid automation technology and skilled and service-minded personnel. The company employs about 50 skilled and service-minded professionals whose task is to guarantee secure electricity, good service, and customer-friendly prices.

    The values ​​of Koillis-Satakunnan Sähkö include locality, responsibility, cooperation, and working together. The company respects and values ​​Finnish nature and has invested in renewable, clean energy, which is produced locally in the company's own hydropower plants. Local production also includes small-scale production from household solar power plants.

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