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    WooCommerce platform for your online store

    Build your online store with the world's most popular eCommerce platform – WooCommerce

    A smiling clothing store salesperson is looking at the checkout integration information of her WooCommerce online store on a laptop screen, with clothing store clothes on a rack in the background and a pink sweater on a fitting mannequin.

    Why choose WooCommerce platform delivered by Solteq?

    As experts in digital commerce and POS systems, we're capable of delivering the world's most popular eCommerce platform, WooCommerce, meeting diverse trading needs seamlessly and in real-time integration with Solteq Tekso and Solteq Commerce Cloud POS systems.

    WooCommerce platform

    WooCommerce is the world's most popular eCommerce platform, operating on the world's most popular content management system, WordPress. This combination offers versatile opportunities for content creation in the online store, enabling the creation of modern and attractive online shops.


    WooCommerce is an open-source system

    Both WordPress and WooCommerce are open-source systems supported by a broad international supplier and developer community. This provides a wide range of add-ons tailored to various purposes, allowing the eCommerce platform to support diverse uses and scale according to needs. However, the open-source system also enables cost-effective customizations tailored to specific customer requirements.

    Continuous development of WooCommerce

    Supported by its extensive developer community, WooCommerce continuously evolves, providing users with a reliable and secure eCommerce platform with up-to-date features.


    Solteq is a WooCommerce expert

    At Solteq, we possess strong expertise in delivering the right add-ons, comprehensive integrations you need, and even complex modifications, enabling you to harness the full potential of your WooCommerce online store. We can start with a lighter solution and expand the functionalities of the online store as needed.

    Advantages of WooCommerce online store/platform


    Search Engine Optimization

    Powerful search engine optimization (SEO) capabilities to enhance the visibility of the online store and boost sales.


    Responsive solution

    Strong support for mobile browsing (Android, iPhone, and their various browsers).


    Open Source

    An open-source system developed by a broad and active developer and supplier community.



    WooCommerce is based on the WordPress system, providing excellent opportunities for customization of the appearance and various functions of the online store.


    WordPress Content Management

    WordPress, originally a blogging platform, has grown into the world's most popular CMS system with endless possibilities.



    It grows with the customer's needs. It's effortless to start with a simple and affordable online store and later diversify functionalities as needed.

    WooCommerce Online Store Integrated with POS system

    Why choose a WooCommerce online store seamlessly integrated with a POS system?

    The eCommerce is the fastest-growing sales channel worldwide in commerce. It has been for several years, and the pace is only accelerating. However, consumers also seek traditional store experiences from online stores, leading many online businesses to expand into physical store networks. This provides visibility and offers consumers the option to view products that can be purchased in-store or ordered online for store pickup (Click&Collect).

    In such a combination, a POS system working seamlessly in real-time with a modern online store is essential to provide customers with a seamless shopping experience and merchants with an effortless integrated system. It's a comprehensive system to conduct business both in-store and online while managing both together—finance, inventory, orders, deliveries, etc.

    Solteq has years of experience in continuously developing demanding and reliable POS systems, adapting to increasing and changing business needs. Not forgetting perhaps the most crucial aspect: skilled and robust customer support for both online stores and POS.

    Solteq understands the demands and solutions of digitalizing commerce. We've dedicated years of significant efforts to Solteq Tekso, Profix, and Solteq Commerce Cloud systems to seamlessly integrate them into the larger picture of a customer's digital commerce and constantly evolving business, catering to the diverse requirements of modern digital commerce.

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