Solteq inWorks product family

    Modern browser-based customer data management and invoicing systems

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    inworks - modern browser-based customer data management and invoicing system user interface on a laptop screen

    Solteq inWorks product family

    Solteq inWorks Heat, Power and Water are modern browser-based customer data management and invoicing systems designed to meet the needs of district heating, water supply and energy companies.

    Solteq inWorks - Advantages and features

    We have experience from various industries, which ensures that our customers obtain concrete benefits, for example enhanced customer service as well as process, information and system compatibility.

    • Diverse offering: Our customer implementation offering includes, for example, integrated invoicing solutions, sales management systems, websites integrated with business information systems and solutions for business monitoring and analysis.
    • Service automation frees resources so that more time can be spent on tasks requiring expertise and the information and functions provided by the systems can be utilised in those tasks.
    • Readiness for Datahub.
    • A service-based solution, which does not require large initial investments.
    • Easy and fast deployment.

    Contact person

    Vesa Hänninen

    Sales Director, Utilities

    +358 40 503 1369

    Contact person

    Jari Kokkonen

    Director, Utilities

    +358 40 054 2842

    Contact person

    Juha Souru

    Leading Pre Sales Consultant

    +358 40 563 1792

    Contact person

    Juha Hakkarainen

    Director, Sales and Accounts

    +358 40 525 5728