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    Korpelan Voima

    Digital core processes and Datahub capability bodes well for Korpelan Voima in future energy market

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    As Korpelan Voima chose Solteq

    to modernize its customer service and invoicing system and electronic services, the key factors included the ability to digitalize the energy company’s core processes and to ensure compatibility with the nationwide Datahub. The modernization was carried out with the Solteq Utilities CIS customer service and invoicing system and the Solteq Utilities Self-service Online service.

    “Changing our customer service and invoicing system is a major undertaking for us because of our varied business processes. Setting the system goals and keeping to the schedule was possible thanks to the solid energy industry expertise of the people in the energy industry, good cooperation during the project, and the excellent project managers. We are extremely happy with the cooperation and the results.”

    Antti-Jussi Vahteala, Chief Executive Officer at Korpelan Voima

    Digital leap in customer data and services

    The Solteq Utilities CIS customer service and invoicing system brings Korpelan Voima’s customer management processes into the digital age and creates a foundation for secure customer data management. The Solteq Utilities Self-Service improves the customer experience provided by Korpelan Voima by means of advanced reporting and electronic services, among other things.

    Easy connection to Datahub

    Electricity companies in Finland are preparing to join nationwide Datahub in February 2022. This is a centralized data exchange system between the various market participants. Solteq Utilities CIS and Solteq Utilities Self-Service solutions have been designed to be compatible with Datahub, enabling Korpelan Voima and many other energy companies using the solution to easily go over to a new market model and operating environment.

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    Project’s delivery content

    • Solteq Utilities CIS: A web-based, configurable and integrable customer service and invoicing system for electricity sales and distribution and district heating needs. The system covers customer management processes, invoicing and the management of business data, such as customer, product, contact and metering data.
    • Solteq Utilities Self-service: An online service environment for consumers, integrated into the Solteq inWorks system. The service is used for managing contracts as well as reviewing consumption and invoicing data, and for providing information on moves or obtaining information about activities and events.

    Project’s key benefits to Korpelan Voima’s business

    • Efficient and automated processes for customer data management and customer service
    • Better customer experience thanks to electronic services and reporting
    • Capability for integration with Datahub
    • Capability and support for future market changes in the industry

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