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    Co-operation towards Finnish Datahub Go-Live

    Powerlines accross grass field with city silhouette in the background.

    Fingrid Datahub Oy has been implementing a centralized electricity market information exchange system called Datahub

    Datahub gathers, clarifies and speeds up the overall electricity market information flow in Finland. In this centralized market information exchange functionality, all data and transactions associated with the consumption of electricity are concentrated in a single platform, are always up-to-date and available for all eligible parties. Datahub improves the operational capabilities of all parties – electricity consumers, electricity suppliers and the parties responsible for electricity transmission. In a larger scale, Datahub can also be seen as a vehicle for the implementation of applicable EU-regulation as well as fulfillment of measures taken to reduce the impact of climate change by enabling the increased use of electricity especially from renewable sources.

    The project to establish this Datahub functionality has been highlighted with the complexity to onboard all Finnish market parties, approximately 80 electricity suppliers and over 80 DSOs, with a unified process and synchronized schedule to Datahub.

    This task is complicated hence these market parties are responsible for the entire sales and distribution of electricity to the Finnish electricity consumers.

    Fingrid Datahub Oy and Solteq Consulting started a fruitful co-operation in 2020 in order to create a systematic approach for the onboarding of said market parties to the Finnish Datahub. Solteq brought tools, methods, testing processes and competencies to be applied in this task. The co-operation was highlighted with proven step by step project plans, rehearsals and documentation, testing and management of Go-Live practices, metrics and feedback channels. The progress of activities was gathered and monitored over time as a function of increasing readiness for the actual Datahub Go-Live.

    We are happy to continue the co-operation and look forward to mutual opportunities for continuous learning and improvement.

    “Solteq’s capability did meet our needs well and complemented our resources in a professional way. We are satisfied with our decision to rely on Solteq’s expertise and services in this matter. I’m glad to see the creation of common trust formed within the winning team with participants from different organizations and competencies.”

    Pasi Aho, CEO, Fingrid Datahub Oy

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