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    Point of Sale system that is easy to use and reliable

    Point of Sale system user interface

    Solteq Cloud POS

    Easy to use and reliable Point of Sale (POS) system targeted for cafeteria, lunch restaurants, events and self-service needs.

    Easy to use point of sale system

    Our point of sale system (Solteq Cloud POS) supports omnichannel sales and the system is suitable for traditional cash registers, mobile terminals, self-service kiosks, cash dispensers and online stores.

    Cloud-based POS system

    The cloud-based POS system can be deployed quickly and safely. The hassle-free system allows users to focus on what’s important as the key figures are available online in real time. The service includes high-quality customer support, maintenance, and continuous system updates.

    Easy, effortless, and clear pricing. These were the main reasons why I chose Solteq Cloud POS. The deployment was quick, and the system is easy to use. In addition, Solteq provided the necessary equipment and payment terminals conveniently at a monthly fee. I can warmly recommend the Solteq Cloud POS solution.

    Jaakko Karujärvi | Lounasmatti Oy

    Why to choose Solteq Cloud POS?

    A flexible solution for various retail and hospitality business needs. The solution enables business growth quickly and effortlessly without any commitment.

    Managing business

    Real-time monitoring supported by comprehensive reporting tools and mobile-friendly service.


    Optimizing time and expenses

    A clear cost model, no upfront investments. Maintenance and version upgrades are included.


    Nurturing and tracking sales

    Achieving sales goals and growing business is made easier with comprehensive tools for tracking sales.

    Self-service POS kiosk

    Save time and money with Point of Sale system

    The scalable and intuitive cash register software saves time and allows to focus on business relevant issues. Solteq Cloud POS adapts to individual business needs, even in situations where instant extra sales power is needed. Resources are saved from lengthy cash register system trainings. Maintaining products, tracking sales statistics and reporting can be done anytime and anyplace.

    Payment methods and invoicing

    In addition to cash and credit cards, vouchers, mobile payments, and mobile applications are supported by the cash register system and chosen payment terminals will be provided for customers.

    Point of Sale system features

    Cloud POS software offers advanced integration capabilities for eCommerce, accounting and other systems. Additional servers or licenses are not necessary.


    The cloud-based Solteq Cloud POS is fast and secure to deploy.


    Reporting & Analytics

    The service includes sales and daily reports, cash register diaries and statistics. The data can be analyzed by a chosen period of time.


    Storage Management

    Solteq Cloud POS makes inventories easier by pooling all the needed information together. Purchase orders and inventories are conveniently available on mobile too.


    Restaurant and store management

    The solution is suitable for companies with one or more outlets as well as for entrepreneur-driven chains.



    Cloud POS software offers advanced integration capabilities for eCommerce, accounting and other systems.

    Read more about our integration service >

    Product information management

    Solteq Cloud POS gives comprehensive support for selling products and services. The data can be in various forms of measurement units, such as recipes, variants or packaged goods.


    Self-service solutions

    The self-service kiosk alongside with traditional cash register software brings new dimensions to generating sales revenue. Self-service concepts are definitely trending, and Solteq Cloud POS provides a comprehensive and user-friendly solution to address the demand.



    The cash register system always meets the requirements of the Finnish legislation.


    And more!

    Solteq Cloud POS is a reliable solution for festivals, events and trade fairs thanks to its offline capabilities.

    Solteq Cloud POS pricing

    Solteq Cloud POS - Point of Sale system on a tablet device

    POS with own devices

    Utilize cloud-based POS solution with your own hardware.

    Starting from 69 €/month

    Solteq Cloud POS - Point of Sale solution

    POS + Hardware

    POS system with optimized hardware for POS as rental model.

    Hardware starting from 59 €/month

    Self-service POS kiosk

    Self-service POS kiosk

    Ensure additional sales with self-service solution in a POS kiosk.

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