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    POS system for event venues, amusement parks and sports arenas

    How to serve large number of customers smoothly in a short time?

    Does your POS system and online store work seamlessly when the time window is short and the number of customers is large?
    The operating environment of amusement parks,  event arenas and sports halls is unique. There is a pressure to serve large number of customers in a short time quickly, efficiently and while maintaining an excellent customer experience. That  requires a lot from POS system.

    What these operators have in common is the requirement to bring services and products into one seamless customer experience – starting with ticket sales and ending with product and service purchases made on the spot. The ability to connect different points of sale – whether brick-and-mortar or online – to one system is the strength of the Solteq Commerce Cloud POS system. The reporting module also offers a single view of the business, centrally, from one place. Versatile integration capabilities enable the integration of various systems, such as financial management or ERP systems, into the Solteq Commerce Cloud POS system.

    The customer buys a ticket at the ticket sales.

    Ticket sales

    In ticket sales, speed and easyness of use are expected from the ticket office. The Solteq Commerce POS system fits perfectly for this hectic sale.

    Solteq Commerce Cloud has a built-in light online store, which can be used for example pre-sale of tickets or the  system can be integrated with a larger online store. A gift card can also be used as a payment method.

    It is possible to reduce the queues that easily arise for ticket sales by implementing Solteq Commerce Cloud self-service kiosks, which use the same payment methods and e-commerce interfaces as in a regular box office. Genius!

    Processes related to this example:

    • Ticket sale
    • Service sales
    • Gift cards
    • Self-service kiosk
    • Online store
    • Advance sales
    Burger restaurant.

    Fast food restaurant

    In fast food restaurants, all processes should be as quick as possible. The same applies to ordering and paying.

    Solteq Commerce Cloud is designed to work especially in fast-paced fast-food restaurants, where order and payment are made upon arrival at the restaurant. In addition to the usual payment methods, the order can also be paid with a gift card or meal voucher.

    It is possible for the customer to order a meal in advance, e.g. with a mobile phone, through Solteq Commerce Cloud's lightweight online store. In the online store, it is possible to wish when the meal is ready to be picked up or when it will be eaten at the restaurant. The same functionality can also be used to order a dish directly from the restaurant table.

    When the order is placed at the checkout, it goes directly to delivery immediately after the customer's payment. If the product is a so-called ready product, it is collected by waiters and if the product is a so-called  special product, it goes directly to the kitchen for preparation after ordering. In the kitchen, the order is shown on the kitchen display, tablet or printer.

    The customer can follow the progress of the order on the screen. The waiters stack the orders at the counter and when they are ready, the customer comes to pick them up from the counter.

    In the kitchen, you can follow the flow based on the recipes built on each product. At the checkout and at the self-service kiosk, it is possible to adjust the products based on the agreed parameters. For example, it is possible to choose the desired size for french fries, or the desired toppings for the hamburger.

    The flow and stock of fresh products can be monitored in the same way as in the example of the Toy Store described below. This clarifies the ordering process and ensures the availability of raw materials in the kitchen.

    Processes related to this example:

    • Sale of ready meals
    • Advance payment
    • Kitchen process
    • Self-service kiosk
    • Meal vouchers
    • Gift certificate
    • Pre-order
    • Pickup sale
    Toy store.

    Toy store

    In a toy store, it's essential to be able to monitor sales in real time from a background system that combines online store and brick-and-mortar store sales.

    In addition, inventory balances are displayed in real time, both in the online store and at the checkout. Product inventory can be implemented directly in background system of the POS. The same also works in the environment with several stores.

    The barcodes are read at the checkout. It is possible to change the pricing of the product, for example, to grant a discount or sell an open product (the price of the product is determined at the check out).

    The products can be priced in the backend system, whereby the same prices are transmitted to the online store and the brick-and-mortar store as soon as the change is made. It is also possible to create different campaigns in the background and offer, for example, customer-specific discounts.

    The same gift cards work both in store and online.

    Processes related to this example:

    • Stock
    • Online store
    • Product sales
    Clothing store with a Boutique sign.

    Clothing store

    In a clothing store, it is important to be able to manage the different variants of products, i.e. different sizes or colors of shirts, for example.

    Solteq Commerce Cloud has flexible product structures that enable the processing of variants. In addition, it is possible to create a hierarchy for the products in the system, which makes it easier to manage and publish larger amounts of products, for example, in an online store.

    It is possible to display the store's stock balances in real time in the online store, even at the variant level.

    It is possible to create different campaigns according to product hierarchies and customer groups, among other things.

    The same gift cards work both in store and online.

    Processes related to this example:

    • Stock
    • Online store
    • Product sales
    Pizza restaurant.

    Pizza buffet

    The buffet restaurant emphasizes fast customer service at the checkout, which is best supported by the hotkeys created for the checkout.

    Solteq Commerce Cloud offers the possibility to customize the cash register user interface with hotkeys to support fast sales. Different types of buffet options can be defined behind the hotkeys, making it easy and intuitive to pay for buffet lunches of different prices at the cash register.

    It is possible for the customer to order a meal in advance, e.g. with a mobile phone via Solteq Commerce Cloud's lightweight online store. In the online store, it is possible to wish when the meal is ready to be picked up or when it will be eaten at the restaurant. The same functionality can also be used to order a dish directly from the restaurant table.

    Meal vouchers can be used at the checkout in addition to other payment methods. The meal voucher can be configured to include, for example, one buffet meal.

    Solteq Commerce Cloud self-service kiosk gives customers the opportunity to pay for the buffet without waiting in line to reduce peak traffic. For a payment made at a self-service kiosk, a receipt can be printed for the customer, which makes it easy to show the payment to, for example, restaurant staff.

    Processes highlighted in the example:

    • Self service
    • Meal vouchers
    • Pre-order
    • Pickup sale
    A person drives a carting car.

    Activity point

    A separate activity point, for example a Karting track, as part of the amusement park's service offering is a good example of Solteq Commerce Cloud's ability to handle various products.

    The service products are created centrally in the background of the Solteq Commerce Cloud system, and various services can be attached to the service products.

    The paying of service products at the checkout is done in the same way as for normal physical products.

    Core process:

    • Service products
    Vegetable & fruit shop.

    Counter for fresh products

    Fresh products, which are sold by weight or quantity, can be handled in the Solteq Commerce Cloud POS system easily and smartly.

    In the background of the POS system, the information and prices of the horizontal products can be maintained, which enables the data to be maintained in only one system.

    Barcode-based price and product information speeds up paying at the cash register and reduces the possibility of pricing errors. Fresh product sales reports are available from the background service, just like other products sold at the checkout.

    It is possible to integrate the Solteq Commerce Cloud as part of the cash register system so that separate barcode printing is not required. In this case, the weight of the selected product is taken from the scale directly from the cashier, and the cashier takes care of the pricing.

    Core process:

    • Horizontal integration
    Fine dining restaurant.

    Fine dining restaurant

    Solteq Commerce Cloud supports functions familiar in fine dining environments, such as table planner and splitting bills.

    Creating table maps for the restaurant hall is easily done in the background system and you can name the tables as you wish. The created table maps are visible from the user interface of the POS system, as well as which tables are reserved and which are free.

    Free tables are visible directly from the cashier, making it easy to guide customers directly to a table.

    Sharing the bill belonging to a certain table can be done from the cash register user interface, enabling several different options to share the receipt among the table party.

    Fine dining processes:

    • Table planner
    • Splitting the bill
    Gift cards.

    Solteq Commerce Cloud gift card and meal vouchers

    It is possible to expand the POS system with the gift card module, which brings the built-in gift cards into the system.

    Gift cards can be

    • product gift cards (e.g. meal vouchers)
    • product group gift cards
    • gift cards with balances
    • These gift cards can be used in all points of sales.

    Gift cards are created centrally from the Solteq Commerce Cloud background or they can be sold at the cash registers. The balance and usage rate of all gift cards can be monitored in real time via the background service. The same gift card can be used again and more balance can be loaded there.

    A gift card can be in several different formats, for example

    • a traditional plastic gift card
    • digital gift card
    • amusement park wristband

    The most important thing is that the gift card has an identifying code, for example a QR code or an RFID chip.

    Gift cards can also be made in advance, for example for an event, and they can be printed as drink tickets, for example. Drink tickets are only valid for a specified time and for specified products. After the event, the customer will be billed for the used drink tickets according to the event, and the remaining tickets can be redeemed. This way, more drink tickets can be made for the event and the customer can use as many of them as they want.

    A meal voucher is a special gift card that entitles you to purchase a specific product or product package. For example, for class trip groups, each child can be given a meal voucher, which can be used to get a hamburger meal + a drink. In this case, there is no need to use cash. A meal voucher or gift card can be in digital form, in which case it can be read at the checkout from, for example, a barcode.

    all-in-one mobile POS.

    Improve your sales with Mobile POS and Self-service POS kiosks

    The mobile POS complements other sales channels (checkout points, self-service kiosks and online store) and enables sales regardless of time and, above all, place, for example at pop-up points of sale at various events or on outdoor sales terraces. You can use the Solteq Commerce Cloud mobile checkout integrated into the payment terminal. 

    Self-service POS kiosks/checkouts improve the customer experience by offering an additional channel for making purchases. It reduces wait times and at the same time reduces labor costs, since fewer staff is required to handle the transactions and orders. It is also noticed that self-service checkouts can increase sales.

    Case PowerPark -
    Finland's largest amusement park

    In the middle of Finnish Ostrobothnia in Alahärmä stands the extraordinary PowerPark, the largest amusement park in Finland.

    Solteq implemented self-service kiosks and the kitchen process to support these kiosks to PowerPark in the summer of 2019. The change improved the customer  experience  during peak traffic and it also increased sales.

    For the summer season of 2020, Solteq implemented a comprehensive cash and payment reform for PowerPark, and now all park payment functions are implemented with the Solteq Commerce Cloud solution – from ticket sales to restaurants and events.

    POS device.

    Why not give a try for Solteq Commerce Cloud?

    Solteq's POS solution is a modern and expandable entity whose features include ease of use, reliability and scalability in line with your business.

    In amusement parks and event arenas, the versatility and adaptability of payment solutions are required features -  Solteq Commerce Cloud offers a modern and cloud-based solution for these needs.

    The modern POS system offers a user interface based on a familiar touch screen, which reduces the need for training of cashier staff. This offers significant cost savings in situations where labor turnover is high.

    The cloud-based POS solution offers quick deployment, which enables the opening of new points of sale as needed. Flexible pricing supports event-based business.

    The cloud-based solution also makes it possible to change and increase the locations of sales points quickly and cost-effectively.

    The backoffice functions:

    • Demand follow-up
    • Reporting
    • Accounting interface 
    • Centralized order management
    • User management
    • Real-time sales tracking
    • Integrations (CRM, Custobar, Zoined analytics)

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