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    Up-to-date product information for stakeholders

    Centralized product information management

    Centralized product information management

    Transmeri, which imports and markets daily consumer goods and cosmetics, was looking for a centralized information management solution that offers product data from different systems in one place for easy utilization. The company chose the inriver system, to be delivered by Solteq.

    Product information for customers and stakeholders

    The information on the products represented by Transmeri is needed by both central cooperatives and consumers. Consumers with sensitive skin may need an accurate INCI list, whereas central cooperative logistics may require information on the alcohol content of perfumes for cargo-related hazard statements.

    Once product information has been entered into the centralized PIM solution, all stakeholders can access it. Centralizing product information management and providing a seamless customer experience improve customer satisfaction.

    “We needed a tool for providing all channels with the required product information. I was also motivated by the fact that the synchronized transfer of product information would save working time, since there would be no need to enter the same information several times,” says Product Data Specialist Meri Juvonen from Transmeri.

    Centralized information as part of risk management

    Transmeri represents thousands of products, which different product managers are in charge of. The new information management system has been in use for over six months, and it has also significantly improved the internal flow of information as product information is provided in a centralized manner.

    “The PIM solution improves data quality, as we no longer have to carry out large-scale updates manually, which reduces errors,” comments Juvonen.

    According to Juvonen, legislation on cosmetics is about to become stricter. Product information management enables the provision of data required by stakeholders on packaging materials and product ingredients, for example.

    “We are expanding our B2B online store. Beauty salons have already been able to order natural cosmetics, but now we can provide the entire portfolio with the same opportunity. In the future, kiosk operators, for example, can conveniently order cleaning products directly from the online store. Solteq will also carry out the integrations in this project,” says Juvonen.

    “Inriver reduced tedious routine tasks and minimized errors.”

    Meri Juvonen, Product Data Specialist, Oy Transmeri Ab

    Benefits of product information management for Transmeri:

    • Time-savings - synchronization of already entered information
    • High data-quality - centralized provision of product information reduces errors

    • Centralized provision of required product information to all stakeholders
    • High-quality product information improves sales in different channels

    Oy Transmeri Ab imports and markets daily consumer goods and cosmetics in Finland and the Baltic countries. The company has a revenue of approximately EUR 38 million and approximately 100 employees. Transmeri is a Finnish family-owned business with a long history in successful product launches and the creation of significant market positions. Many of Transmeri’s clients, such as SC Johnson and Chanel, have collaborated with the company since the 1930s.

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