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    Norsk Stål AS

    From traditional retail structure to automated online business

    Steel beams

    Norsk Stål AS has always been a traditional business,

    where all sales to customers have taken place via telephone and e-mail communications with a number of salespeople. This tradition is now a thing of the past, and with an e-commerce system based on Dynamicweb, delivered and implemented by Solteq, the workflows - and not least the customer’s shopping experience - have been optimised.

    “Our industry is not prone to rapid adoption of new solutions,” says Kristian Fjägesund, project manager at Norsk Stål AS.

    “As a supplier of steel and other metals to the shipping, construction and civil engineering and mechanical industries, among others, we have a desire to be able to service our customers in the best possible way. With Dynamicweb's e-commerce solution, we have the opportunity to offer a unique platform that we can continuously optimise to meet new demands on the market.”

    “Since the process is constantly evolving, having Solteq along for the journey comes as a major advantage. They provide us the feedback we need and that is necessary to be able to continuously meet ever-increasing customer demands.”

    “This is a journey we have embarked on, and it has only just begun. We currently have approximately 100 customers using the platform, and the goal is to bring on another 500 during the summer of 2021,” says Fjägesund.

    “We have already come a long way, and the goal is naturally to arrive at a solution that is so good that it makes no sense for customers not to use it. The solution is now at a point where it is possible to perform warehouse picking on standard products and also buy special products individually. Our plan is to expand and bring far more products onto the virtual shelves.”

    “In order to ensure the best possible platform, we at Norsk Stål AS have hired a number of employees specialising in e-commerce who continuously update our Navision ERP system so that the information provided to the Dynamicweb platform is as accurate as possible.” “This, as well as our collaboration with the skilled people at Solteq, is enabling us to future-proof our company. And we are very satisfied with that,” concludes Kristian Fjägesund.

    Since the process is constantly evolving, having Solteq along for the journey comes as a major advantage.

    Kristian Fjägesund, Norsk Stål AS

    Facts about the solution:

    • E-commerce solution based on Dynamicweb
    • Integrated Deep Vision system for analysis of customer behaviour based on AI technology
    • Plans for future PIM system to help customers choose the right product

    About Norsk Stål AS

    Norsk Stål AS produces and distributes steel and other metals to companies across the Norwegian market. The company has been in business since 1823, and today employs approximately 300 employees across multiple locations. With 4,500 different products in stock, they carry the largest range in the industry. Norsk Stål AS has a goal of helping customers increase both their competitiveness and their earnings.

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