Heinon Tukku

A better customer experience with a digital receipt system

Starting point

It used to be normal for the customers of Heinon Tukku, a Finnish wholesaler and importer of daily consumer goods, to scan all receipts and send them by mail to the financial department. In the best case, customers may even visit Heinon Tukku several times a day, which translates into a great number of receipts.

When ReceiptHero contacted Heinon Tukku and told them about digital receipts and the benefits of the receipt system, Heinon Tukku did not have to think for too long about whether or not to acquire the system. The decision was made even easier by the fact that Solteq, a long-time partner was involved. Heinon Tukku had renewed its cash register system with Solteq not long ago.

“We immediately recognised our need for a digital receipt system and decided to be among the first companies to try it out. Solteq’s involvement guaranteed a smooth integration into our Heads Retail cash register system,” says Tomi Lotvonen, Cash and Carry Director at Heinon Tukku.

The customer experience is something that everyone is striving to build at the moment, and here is an example of a perfect service for it!
Tomi Lotvonen, Cash and Carry Director at Heinon Tukku

What did we do?

After the decisions on acquiring a digital receipt system had been made and the contracts signed, Lotvonen says the entire project got off the ground very smoothly.

Solteq, ReceiptHero and the payment terminal supplier, Verifone, worked together to build a receipt data solution to be integrated into the cash register system. All three companies have solid experience in developing digital services.

“Solteq, ReceiptHero and Verifone took care of the job; all we had to do was tell our customers about the service. Now, the customer has the opportunity to choose the application where the receipt is delivered to, without paper or e-mail receipts. In order to receive all future receipts from Heinon Tukku in digital form, almost in real time, the only thing the customer has to do is to activate ReceiptHero, for instance, via their bookkeeping software and add their up-to-date payment details.”

What was the result?

In addition to smooth integratability, Lotvonen is extremely pleased with the reduced amount of paper and, particularly, with the positive impact that the service has had on the everyday lives of their customers.

“We did not acquire the system just for us, but rather to make the everyday lives of our customers easier. When a customer starts using the service, scanning of receipts is no longer needed and financial administration becomes more digitalised. This way, the customer will have more time to focus on matters that are more important. The customer experience is something that everyone is striving to build at the moment, and here is an example of a perfect service for it!” Lotvonen states.

Advantages for Heinon Tukku

  • Can be integrated into the cash register system
  • Reduced number of paper prints
  • Better customer experience in many respects — receipts no longer get lost, and customers’ everyday life is made easier
  • With just one integration, digital receipts can be used in different applications by both consumers and businesses
  • A free service that reduces costs and boosts sales