The services included in the inPulse4Utilities product family provide versatile tools for digital customer engagement for district heating, water supply and energy companies.

Simple user interface for consumers

House builders can order electrical, water and district heating connections directly through the online service and monitor the progress of the connection delivery. Consumption reports provide them with the possibility to monitor consumption data through a visual display.


Versatile services for companies

We offer district heating, water supply, electricity and gas companies tools for customer and contract management as well as for creating overall customer views. With online customer service, communication with customers is easy, and companies can, for example, use the interruption notification service to inform their customers and stakeholders of any network incidents or planned maintenance breaks.


Our pricing solution supports, for example, the creation of power products and pricing models. The solution can be used to automate bidding processes from providing a quote to concluding a contract and for the overall management of sales contracts and electricity supply.

inPulse4Utilities - Advantages and features

  • Enhanced customer service and efficient customer management
  • Uniform multi-channel customer and incident communication
  • Can be integrated with various back-end systems

inPulse4Utilities contact

Juuso Kari

Business Director

+358 50 373 5777